Lizziefrom Nan P.

My blue Model A Ford Phaeton, was bought new in 1928 by Alden and Carrie Hall of Damariscotta Mills, Maine. Carrie was my father’s cousin. She was a school teacher and Alden a farmer. They married late in life and named their first car Lizzie, driving her year round in Maine for about 18 years.
By 1946 Lizzie was getting pretty dilapidated. Carrie and Alden decided it might be nice to have a closed car for a change! My dad, Frank Hale Gardner, from Newton, MA was an old car buff who had always loved Lizzie as a boy. He offered to take Lizzie off Carrie’s hands and buy her a closed Ford replacement.

My dad and my mom worked together to restore Lizzie between 1948 and 1952. In 1953 after Lizzie was restored my Dad contracted polio. He lost the use of his legs, and therefore couldn’t drive for a while. He had several cars in his collection then besides Lizzie: a 1912 Stanley Steamer and a 1910 Knox. Dad loved to restore cars to as close to their original condition as possible. The Knox, a beautiful 7 passenger touring car, now resides at the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA.

As my dad recovered from polio with the inspiration of FDR and a lot of physical therapy, he had hand controls fitted to his cars and was able to drive them again. This was great for us kids since we could not go walking, play running games, or do camping with dad. Instead we would clamber into one of the cars and go motoring, stopping for a picnic or an ice cream cone along the way. We also went to antique car rallies, rode in parades, and my favorite – got all robed up in the jump seats for a “frostbite run” on a late fall day in New England.

After Alden died, and Carrie was too old to live all alone in her house in Maine, she moved in with us for several years before she passed away. What a treat it was for her to ride in Lizzie again during those years. I learned to drive Lizzie when I was 16. And, a dozen years later, she was the get-away car at our wedding in 1977. Later on she sat in a barn in VT for a number of years before my dad died. A few years later my mom offered to pass her along to me. I have enjoyed her here in PA since 2011.

Unfortunately neither my husband nor I are mechanics! So we have leaned heavily on JD’s Auto Repair to do an extensive mechanical overhaul—including adding safety features such as seat belts, running lights, and turn signals. I love motoring, so even though these features are not original to the car, they are important when taking grandchildren for a ride! We get a thumbs-up from drivers of sports cars, motorcycles, and other old cars. Lots of fun and good memories!

Jake S
Just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Hertz and they will be stopping at the shop to pick up the rental today. Thanks again for everything. You were truly a pleasure to work with and the car looks beautiful. I even noticed that you took care of some small things that have been bothering me like the hard water damage on the trunk lid…much appreciated. You guys really understand what it means to provide excellent customer service and that does not go unnoticed. I plan to mention your shop to everyone in my network who happens to ask for a recommendation. Enjoy the rest of your week. Best, Jake
Mark V.
Couldn’t have made a better choice. They are very accurate.They are good on their word. Looks good sounds great, they know their shit. Out of one to ten i give them 11. Mark Veneziale
Ron Carson
Dear Joe and Staff, I’ve had my license since October, 1961. In all those years, about the only shop I can compare to yours is George Barris Custom Cars in Burbank, CA, where I happened to do some custom electric work for one of his clients. The car nest to the one I happened to work on belonged to Dean Martin, the singer. I have worked on cars myself, but cannot do that anymore and the only shop I will trust my car to is JD’s. I only wish I had found JD’s sooner. with kind regards,
Laura Braun
Joe, First of all, I really do want to thank you again for staying to finish my car tonight. You guys have such generosity and it really made my day! Second, you will absolutely have me as a customer for a long as I live around here. I have my father and his three brothers that all worked on cars for years, two of whom told me my car was fine. Had Chuck not given me your number I would have never known and most likely spent much more to fix it later on. And on top of that, you guys were super friendly. You made what could have easily been a stressful day much easier on me. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much again and Happy Thanksgiving!
Bill C.
JD’s Auto repair is a MUST USE shop!! They do it all. They’ve done high performance, restoration and general auto repair and every aspect of it is with the highest level of service, professionalism and absolute impeccable work. They stand behind everything they do! You will not find a better more qualified shop in the area!!
Colin W
5 stars! -JD’s is the only place I let work on any of my cars. The consistent high quality work, excellent customer service and great pricing are unbeatable as far as I’m concerned. It’s the only place I’ll ever go for vehicle repairs.
Ray J.
JD’s has done all the work on my 70 Mach 1 and my 67 Mercury Comet Cyclone GT. I’ve been going there since they opened. Would never go anywhere else. They’re work is second to none. Engines, painting, high performance modifications, general repairs, and restorations. They’ve done it all for me.
Eric B
Awesome!!! That’s all I gotta say…