You are currently viewing 1969 Torino Cobra 428 SCJ Fastback

1969 Torino Cobra 428 SCJ Fastback


  • 4 speed 9″ Ford 4.30 rear with Detroit locker
  • factory oil cooler
  • rear staggered shocks, drag pack option
  • 4.30 rear set up
  • SCJ
  • factory rim blow steering wheel
  • Am fm stereo

I have had this car since I graduated high school in 1985. I bought it from my old boss when I first starting working as a mechanic. He used to work for Ford and worked on these muscle cars new and people still brought those to him. I worked on a lot of classic Fords at my first job because of thst and still do today at my shop.

I have been working on since then and this time it took 11 years to get back together. This is the final time for me on restoring it.

  • It has a dual quad set up like on a 1966 427 ford Fairlane
  • The car is an original ram air R code car
  • Compression ratio is 12.0 to 1
  • Solid lifter cam with .650 plus lift
  • Color is electric current red

The car has won some awards over the years and several best of show winners.