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Top Safety Features to Look for in Your Next Classic Car

Classic cars are beautiful creatures. They are often worth a lot of money. They are much sought-after items.

But many classic cars do not have modern safety features. If a classic car does not have these features, you may need to update them. This article will discuss the safety features you should look for to ensure your classic car is road-ready.


Seatbelt-wearing became mandatory in 1986. Some cars manufactured before then did not feature seatbelts. If your classic car doesn’t have seatbelts, it may be a safety hazard. You may also get a ticket if you drive it.

Some people are reluctant to add seatbelts to a classic car because it may compromise its integrity. But they are necessary if you want to drive your vehicle.

There are lap-shoulder belts that fit older cars that you can install yourself. But professional installation ensures you won’t do any damage when outfitting your vehicle with a seatbelt.

Antilock Brakes

Antilock brakes allow drivers to maintain steering control when they slam the brakes. They prevent skids that can occur during abrupt braking and on slick surfaces. Older brakes are also not likely to be fade-resistant disc brakes that stand up well in high temperatures.

You can update your brakes by using a kit that will convert old-style drum brakes to newer brakes. Or you can use setups from other classic or modern cars. A brake or dual master cylinder setup will also help your car’s braking capacity.


Classic cars typically feature bias-ply tires. They are not effective for braking, steering, traction, and cornering. They may also cause your vehicle to perform poorly on mileage.

Adding radials to tires will improve their efficiency. However, they won’t work well on pre-1975 tires. They will cause older tires to crack due to the pressure they put on them.

If you have an older car, you may need to replace your wheels with newer ones.

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Classic cars do not have rack and pinion power steering. They may be harder to control. You may have trouble turning at low speeds and swerving when necessary. 

The best option is to replace the entire steering system with rack-and-pinion steering. However, this job is a major undertaking.  


Old sealed-beam headlights don’t emit as much light as modern halogen and HID lights. You can swap out old lights with newer lights without changing the appearance of the car.

Back-Up Camera

Classic cars do not require backup lights. But federal regulations say all new vehicles must have this feature. It will reduce accident risk.

If the previous owner did not install a backup camera on your classic vehicle, consider having one installed.

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