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Car Care Tips for Every Season: Keeping Your Classic Vehicle in Top Shape

A classic car is a prized possession. It’s essential to keep it well-maintained. Proper maintenance will ensure it withstands the test of time.

Maintenance needs change from season to season. This article will discuss car care tips for each season that will ensure your classic car is ready for whatever comes its way.

Fall Car Care Tips

Check Your Tires: Fall is the time to prepare for winter. You won’t want to wait until winter to get stuck in an emergency. Tires are one of the most crucial components of winter driving. Check them to make sure they are not damaged. If you live in a snowy climate, you may need snow tires. You can install snow tires on classic cars and all other vehicles,

Check the Heater: Likely, you haven’t been using your heater all summer. Give it a blast to make sure it’s still working. It’s better to find out it’s not working now. Don’t wait for a freezing winter day.

Check the Cooling System: Your cooling system has been combatting heat all summer. The fall is an ideal time to take your car in to ensure it’s still working.

Winter Car Maintenance

Make Sure Your Wipers Are Working: Your wipers will be taxed heavily during winter storms. Make sure they are working properly before driving.

Check Your Headlights: Short days and stormy weather mean you will drive in low-light conditions more often. Make sure your lights are working. Check both your front and back lights for functionality.

Clean Salt Off Your Car Immediately: if you drive around in cold weather, the salt used to melt snow may end up on your car’s body. Salt is corrosive and can eat through your car’s paint. Clean off salt immediately to avoid damage.

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Spring Car Maintenance

Double Check on Your Wipers: Many areas experience heavy storms during the spring. You may have checked on your wipers in the winter, but you should double-check them in the spring to ensure they will continue functioning through the rainy season.

Check Your Tires: Spring is an ideal time to ensure your tires are ready for warm-weather travel.

Make Sure Your Brakes Are Working: Have your brakes inspected regularly. Make that task part of your spring car care regimen.

Summer Car Maintenance

Have Your Internal Cooling System Inspected: Have your mechanic inspect your internal cooling system to ensure your car doesn’t overheat in the summer.

Make Sure Your AC is Working: Your AC will keep your car cool when temperatures rise.

Check Filters for Dirt and Bugs: Dirt and bugs can get under the hood and clog your filters. You can DIY an air filter cleaning. If you don’t feel confident performing this task, ask your mechanic for assistance.

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