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What Affects the Value of a Collector’s Car?

Are you curious about what determines the value of a collector’s car? Maybe you own a collector’s car and would like to determine its worth. At JD’s Auto Repair, we help customers with a full range of car related repairs and maintenance related issues. We’re always ready to be of assistance and we’ve got a few pointers to keep in mind when you’re assessing the value of your own collector’s car.

As you might already imagine, there are several factors that affect the value of a collector’s car. It’s popularity, condition and unique features are often the three main areas of interest when determining its overall worth. The historical significance of the car might also factor into its value.

Popularity is one of the main factors that determine the worth of a collector’s car. For example, many classic car aficionados are more inclined to purchase a Corvette over a Chevette and many would prefer a Pantera rather than a Pinto. Generally speaking, the cars that were popular during their original introduction often remain the same cars that are popular many years later.

Condition also affects the value of your collector’s car. Rust, exterior damage or missing parts will almost always drag down the value of any collector car. Basically, any collector’s car that has been well-maintained over the course of its lifetime will almost always generate more worth than the same car that is not in tip-top shape.

Unique features and historical significance are also important when determining the value of a collector’s car. Cars with distinguished features almost always stand out to collectors. Low or high VIN numbers are also of interested to many buyers. Cars that were previously owned by celebrities or historical icons are also of interest to many collector’s car buyers.

You can also help determine your collector car’s worth by looking into comparable auction selling prices as well as published or online price guides. If you have questions, you can also stop in and ask one of the associates from JD’s Auto Repair.