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Bringing Your Classic Car Into The Modern Age

Classic cars are a joy to drive, there’s no doubt about it. They bring with them an air of eloquence that you just can’t find in modern models which makes them unique, and which drives the passion of collectors and enthusiasts around the world. But, there are of course major downsides to classic cars, because for all the aesthetic bravado that classic cars exhibit, they are by definition, old. This often means poor handling, basic gadgetry, and on a more serious note, poor safety standards. Here at JDs Auto Repair, we’ve got some essential tips on how to bring your classic car out of the Stone Age and into the modern era without compromising on any of that nostalgic eloquence that every classic car radiates. This process is called restomodding, and we’re here to tell you how to best restomod your car for a more satisfying, and most importantly, safe drive!

Improve your ride

The handling of classic cars can often be questionable, especially if the original chassis hasn’t been upgraded in any way. There are several additions you can make to improve this, starting with new tires! Having good, modern and well-suited tires improves the handling of any car, but for classic cars the difference can be astounding as they help your vehicle grip to the road much more easily, allowing you to take corners more confidently while also improving stopping time. In addition, strengthening the chassis with sway bars and installing high-quality shocks and struts will have you taking corners like a Formula 1 driver in no time!

Get techy

Classic cars in their original state lack some of the features that take driving from a chore to a luxury, such as a sound system, GPS location, in-car Wi-Fi, and even tablet or television screens embedded in seats! While some purists may think that these features ruin the classic feel of the vehicle, others who use their car more regularly and often have friends or even family members, including children, riding in the car, may find that these modifications heighten the experience for those riding as passengers!

Safe and Secure

The previous points have focused on making the experience of riding in your classic car more pleasurable, but this last set of features are of utmost importance as they are concerned with safety for you and your family! Many classic cars were built in a time before seatbelts, airbags, and even turn signals were required by law. All of these features now come as standard and it’s estimated that they save the lives of half a million Americans every year! If these features are missing from your car, get them installed, pronto! This is especially important if you’re having passengers or family members riding along with you.

Another key feature that classic cars in their original state lack are effective brakes, which are important for both the safety of those in the car and those out on the street. If your classic car has old-fashioned drum brakes, get them upgraded to more effective disk brakes! They’re much more effective, and will also greatly improve the handling of the vehicle. In addition to this, you should also think about switching to a dual master cylinder which reduces the risk of total brake failure as the brake lines to the front and rear wheels operate independently.