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Cars are Getting Faster, but so are the Cops!

It’s a constant battle for the police to keep up with the rate that new cars hitting the market improve in performance. For the cops, every time a new technology comes to the market that enhances the power, handling, and performance of vehicles, they need to consider redesigning the whole fleet to make a match for any daring criminal! 2019 brings a new, advanced police SUV from Ford that will most likely match any getaway car, putting the cops one step ahead of the bad guys…at least for now!

The Ford SUV Police Interceptor


The Ford SUV Police Interceptor is modeled on the much-anticipated Ford Explorer which is due for release in 2020 but this monster of a police car includes added features that improve handling and safety – both of which are ideal when making maneuvers during high-speed chases! This beast has been tested by Michigan State Police, where it won plaudits in all categories, beating the competition hands down! Under the hood, it sports a 3.0-liter turbo V-6, capable of kicking out 400 horsepower and doing 0 to 60 MPH in 5.77 seconds which for a police car, let alone an SUV, is frighteningly impressive. Packing such power means it’s highly unlikely to be outrun during long high-speed chases on the highways!


Speed and power are all very well, but what if you need to zip around the tight corners and small alleyways of inner-city Detroit, Chicago, or Philadelphia for that matter? That’s no problem for the Ford SUV Police Interceptor as it features police-duty springs, shocks, and anti-roll bars, as well as extra high-performance brakes that make taking corners during high-speed chases easier and of course much safer. If that wasn’t enough, it features a column shifter which aids in performing 180-degree J-turns – a maneuver often performed by cops to get out of dead-end areas when changing direction during a chase, or when running cars off the road.


While speed, power, and agility are all great for fighting crime, police forces across the country are now using technology to give them the edge over criminals. The new Ford SUV Police Interceptor doesn’t disappoint in this area either! It features Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) – a system that allows the officer driving to take one eye off the road while consulting a computer screen to gather information such as a live feed from a pursuing police helicopter or when looking up license plate details while on the go. This may sound like a minor piece of technology, but it will have huge implications as it allows officers to keep up their hot pursuit of a vehicle while accessing vital information, leading to fewer outruns and ultimately, more bad guys arrested!If you’re thinking of committing a crime and then outrunning the police, think again! The new Ford SUV Police Interceptor will run you down in no time, and with the additional help of police helicopters and drones – a new feature that’s also being rolled out for police forces around the country, you’ll have nowhere to run and certainly nowhere to hide! Keep your eyes out for the rather inconspicuous looking Ford SUV Police Interceptor on the streets later this year and know that it’s a force to be reckoned with!