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Collision Car Repair in Philadelphia

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Collision Car Repair in Philadelphia

When you’re on the road, no matter how safe a driver you are, there’s always a risk of collision. We hope you never have to experience this extremely unpleasant incident, but if you do, we really hope it’s not in any way serious! With any collision, there’s always some kind of damage to the vehicle and even in relatively minor crashes, damage can be devastating and deem your car too dangerous to take straight back on the road. At JD’s Auto Repair, we understand that being without a car for even a short period of time can be costly, whether it’s for business, family commitments, or even an upcoming road trip! That’s why we offer a full collision service with a quick turnaround time that will get you back on the road quickly and safely so you can resume your usual busy life. With an experience of conducting well over 1000 collision repairs, our knowledge and specialist expertise will ensure you drive out with a car that not only feels repaired but also feels as good as new! Here’s how we get it done!

Assessment and Disassembly

A thorough assessment of the damage is important because it ensures nothing is missed. We will disassemble the vehicle to give the most accurate assessment, and only then can we make an informed estimate of the cost of repair and expected time of completion.


Next, we will be able to start making repairs which will start from the inside of the vehicle. Any necessary new parts can be ordered and damaged parts that can be fixed will be restored to the highest standard. Our mechanics may at this point ask if you would like old parts replaced while they have the car in for the service as it may save you money in the long-run.

Bodywork and Paint

Once any repairs have been made, the body of the car will be repaired and then a full cosmetic repair will take place. This will replace any broken or scratched panels, windows, and fixtures, and include a fully restorative paint job that will get it looking even fresher than it did before the collision! Our expert bodywork and paint team have all the technology and know-how necessary to give you a first class result.

Reassembly and System Checks

Your vehicle will then be reassembled. This process is relatively quick, but checks will still need to be made to ensure all systems are fully functional and working seamlessly. Again, this is a great opportunity for your car to have a full makeover and any pre-existing issues identified and corrected. Once finished, your car will be thoroughly cleaned before you can come and collect it in its new, ready-to-drive condition!


Collisions are an unfortunate part of being on the road, but getting any damage repaired to a high standard in a timely manner is the quickest and safest way to get you back on the road! At JD’s Auto Repair, we understand these needs, and that’s why our years of experience in dealing with collision repair makes us the top collision repair specialists in the Philadelphia area. If you’ve been in a collision, call us or bring your vehicle to our repair shop for a full assessment and we’ll get you back on the road safe and sound in no time!