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Fall Classic Car Care Tips

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October is the best time to ensure you get your car ready for another harsh winter. The winter months, with plummeting temperatures and torrential rain – not to mention snow, can really take a toll on your vehicle. Winter also brings much more treacherous driving conditions, meaning there’s a much higher risk of a serious road traffic accident! Following a few, simple yet vital rules will help you keep your car in good running order and most importantly, safe for the coming months!


Brakes are very important for keeping yourself and others safe in the winter months. Wet and slippery weather can more than double your stopping distance, so make sure you get your brakes checked and tuned NOW, before it’s too late and winter sets in!

Heaters and Defrosters

Although it might seem like they’re just for comfort, heaters and defrosters are actually very important for your safety! If the temperature differential between the air in the car and outside gets too great, you may find your windows suddenly steaming up, and without adequate heating, you’ll struggle to rectify this which will impact your visibility! Make sure you get this checked or run a test yourself before you take your car out in cold weather!

Wiper Blades

This is again one that people often overlook, but it’s imperative that you have working wiper blades that effectively get rid of excess rainwater and snow from your windscreen. The last thing you want it to be caught in a sudden downpour on a busy highway and lose your visibility because the rubber on the blades is worn beyond repair!


Tire condition is hugely important and should be regularly checked all year round. Inspect to see if there are any uneven patches of wear which could indicate the need to realign the wheels. It’s also important to check for bulges and bald spots because this means you may be at risk of a blow-out, a major cause of road traffic accidents! Make the change to winter tires if it’s required in your area, and regularly check the tire pressure as the change in air temperature can affect this, changing how well your car grips the road.


Cold weather will affect the connection of your battery so check the battery itself and the charging system, especially when going on long drives and in sparsely populated places. The last thing you want is to return to your car and find you’ve got a flat battery! Remember that batteries should be replaced every three years.


At JD’s Auto Repair Shop, we recognize that road safety should be your number one concern. Make sure you follow all the tips above to keep yourself, your family, and other road users safe this winter! We offer quick and effective checks for all the main areas of your vehicle that may be affected by the coming winter weather. So, make sure you pay us a visit and get all the vitals of your car checked before you get on the road!