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Getting the Most Power out of Your Vehicle with Dyno Tuning in Huntingdon Valley

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Dyno tuning is an excellent way for car owners to get the most power out of their vehicles.  At JD’s Auto Repair, we help each one of our customers get the most out of their automobiles in every way possible.  JD’s Auto Repair is always prepared to help their customers find the best possible ways to keep their cars running smoothly and reliably.  One of the ways to establish a powerful automobile is through dyno tuning.  At JD’s Auto Repair, we perform dyno tuning on customer vehicles by request, and we can explain how it works to those who are interested.

The first step to proper dyno tuning is to determine if your vehicle has any obvious problems.  Some of the most common causes for concern include gas mileage problems, lack of engine power, surging, or pinging.  These kinds of issues often indices that your vehicle needs a more thorough look.  After someone at JD’s Auto Repair has looked at your vehicle, the engine compression is checked to confirm that the engine is sound.  Your spark plug will be examined and then a visual inspection will be performed, as well.

The part of dyno tuning that gets interesting is when the distributor is removed and a synchroraph is placed inside the vehicle.  We use this machine to check the distributor dynamically.  After we’ve determined if the distributor is mechanically sound, we then work with what’s called the centrifugal advance rate to improve the responsiveness of your engine.  This is where dyno tuning gets exciting, because we can really get in and see what’s happening with the overall performance of your vehicle.

At JD’s Auto Repair, we perform all levels of dyno tuning to ensure that you’re getting the maximum power out of your vehicle.  The ignition components of your vehicle are inspected and the synchograph tests are reviewed.  Dyno testing at JD’s Auto Repair of Huntingdon Valley will confirm that your particular vehicle is working to its maximum potential.  We offer a wide range of vehicle services for car owners in the Huntingdon Valley and surrounding area.