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JD’s Auto Restoration: Dyno Tuning

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JD’s Auto Restoration: Dyno Tuning

Do you have an automobile that needs a tune-up or an upgrade? At JD’s Auto Restoration of Huntingdon Valley, we provide full service automobile repair, as well as a variety of maintenance checks and repair services. We also provide car owners with dyno tuning, which is a process that involves manipulating the ignition system and then follow it up by manipulating the carburetor or fuel injection system. The purpose of dyno tuning is to help car owners achieve maximum performance levels.

At JD’s Auto Restoration, we are always happy to work with a variety of different vehicles. If you’ve got a Rolls Royce, we can accommodate your needs, and if you’ve got a Ford, we can help you out as well. All of our certified technicians offer a wide range of vehicle services and are always happy to answer any questions that you might have about the service you request. JD’s Auto Restoration has been an active auto restoration center since 1996. Some of our technicians have over thirty years’ experience who are ready to provide you with quality service and repair work.

Each one of the technicians at JD’s Auto Restoration is specially certified in categories such as AC Delco, GM and Ford. We offer professional services for the Huntingdon Valley are and its surrounding community. If you need to bring your car in for dyno tuning, then we can set up an appointment and get your vehicle into the shop.

The first step in dyno tuning is to determine if your vehicle has any unique issues. For example, we might ask about your gas mileage, surging issues or pinging. After our customer intake, we check your engine compression to determine of your engine is mechanically safe. We also check for obvious problems, such as burned plug wires or broken vacuum lines. Next, we check the range of heat required for the spark plug and then continue the process from there.

At JD’s Auto Restoration, we open up our fully computerized shop to assist you with whatever automotive needs you require. Our mechanics are skilled technicians who are always prepared with special skills and problem-solving abilities when it comes to handling your vehicle. If your car needs a dyno tuning, then we’re ready and able to assist. Stop in today and see why JD’s Auto Restoration is always prepared to help you with your vehicle’s unique needs.