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Keep Your Project Car Going

Do you have a project car that is just sitting in your garage? Many people love the idea of restoring a vehicle, but oftentimes it becomes hard to keep up with the motivation to make it happen. At JD’s Auto Repair, we can help you get on track if you have a car project that you want to get completed. Fixing a car can be a discouraging experience. Building a project car is also a challenge, so being prepared is the key.

In many cases, it doesn’t matter if you’ve started with a car that you already own or if you want to rebuild one. In either case, you need to consider the cost of the parts. One of the reasons that people lose motivation with a car project is that they become overwhelmed with the cost of the parts that they need to purchase. For example, it’s going to cost you a lot more money to restore a 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe than it’s going to cost you to restore a Fox-body Mustang. You should always work on a car that has parts you can afford to buy or replace.

Complete cars that just need a little TLC are often easier project cars than those that have a lot of missing parts. Most car pieces can be reconditioned in a host of ways, but if you have a lot of missing parts, even a small repair can be costly. Do some research and find out how much the parts will run you and then decide if it is really a good project car based on that information.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep motivated with a project car because of other commitments. Those with families and children often find that they simply don’t have enough time to keep motivated on a project that they originally thought hey could keep up with. In this case, try to work out a calendar so that you give yourself a specific time slot to get in the garage and do some work. This often pays off in the long run because you get more accomplished in your designated slot of time.