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Too many project cars? How to decide which ones have to go

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Too many project cars? How to decide which ones have to go

For those of us that are lucky enough to have a collection of cars, there comes a time when our assembly of much-loved vehicles needs to be cleared out, whether for financial reasons, to save space, or simply for a change of driving experience. But what should you consider when making such heart-breaking decisions? At JD’s Auto Repair, we want to help you make a balanced choice on what matters most to YOU, whether it be the financial, sentimental, or another form of value attached to your collection!

Thinking finances!

It may be that you feel your collection is taking over your life and has become an unhealthy obsession, or maybe you’re starting a new family and need to make room for something a bit more practical. The reason behind why you’re cutting down your collection will say a lot about how you should proceed. For example, if you need to free up some cash for buying a new minivan for ferrying around your soon to be young family, you may want to consider getting rid of the more lucrative vehicles in your collection. This will free up some spare cash for a high-end minivan and any other provisions you may need at this important time in your life.

Making space!

If you’re making this change because you feel like your car collection has grown to a point where you’re simply not making the most of each vehicle, you should consider which ones you prefer driving the most. It may be that the most expensive cars in your collection are not the ones you enjoy driving the most. Streamline your collection by making sure you keep the cars you really enjoy taking out for a spin.

Sentimentality rules!

There’s one thing that trumps both financial value and the need to create extra space, and that is sentimental value. Think about which vehicles really mean the most to you! You may have a 1968 Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona sitting in your collection that for all its aesthetic grace, means much less to you than your busted out Chevrolet Nova SS. Consider what sentimental value your vehicles have because once they’re gone, the nostalgic memories that come with them are also likely to fade!

How to come to a definitive answer if you can’t decide

We can’t tell you the criteria with which you should cull your collection, only you can do that! Once you have decided on the reasons for which you’re getting rid of at least some of your most prized possessions, it’s a good idea to make a chart that gives each of your vehicles a score to help guide your choice. Use criteria such as sentimental and monetary value, how much space it will save, driving experience, and any other criteria that are important to you. This way, you can make a choice that’s both educated and balanced.


Letting go of your most prized vehicles is a difficult and sometimes heart-wrenching experience, but, with a little bit of careful consideration and logical thinking, it can be done in a way that will hopefully minimize the pain. If your collection is in need of a cull, take note of the advice mentioned above as it will help you make a judgment that suits your needs!