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Modern Updates for Your Classic Muscle Car

Today, drivers have many luxuries that simply weren’t available many years before. At JD’s Auto Repair, we help all of our customers find new and improved ways to keep their vehicles running great all year long. We can even help you with modern updates that are needed to keep your muscle car looking and running great, too.

If you’re thinking about ways to transform an old muscle car into a modern-day vehicle, then you might want to consider a few specific improvements. The top three modern updates for a classic muscle car include disc brakes, power steering and air conditioning. If you are interested in having any of these updates completed on your car, then stop in and find out how JD’s Auto Repair can help.

You want your classic muscle car to be roadworthy and adding a new disc brake system is one of the best ways to accomplish this. If your car has outdated drum brakes, then adding a disc brake system will give you modern day stopping power that’s necessary for being safe on the roads. In addition, you’ll likely add to the value of your car with an updated brake system, as well.

Another modern-day upgrade that you might want to consider for your classic muscle car is power steering. If you’re tired of using too much muscle to steer your muscle car, then this will provide a much -needed solution. Upgrading to a rack and pinion power steering system can often be a great investment in your vehicle.

Who wants to be stuck in their classic muscle car on a sweltering hot day without air-conditioning? One of the best modern day upgrades you can make to your classic muscle car is a new air conditioning system. Kits are available from a host of manufacturers. Plan to spend between two-thousand and five-thousand dollars on a system, depending on the car and the components.