You are currently viewing Our New Hunter Revolution Tire Machine and Tire Rack Affiliate Combination!

Our New Hunter Revolution Tire Machine and Tire Rack Affiliate Combination!

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Revolution™ Tire Changer

JD’s Auto Repair and High Performance Center is proud to be using the newest Hunter Revolution Tire Changer. Hunter Engineering Company has combined its technological leadership and innovative style to produce a fully automatic tire changer completely designed and built in the USA – the Revolution. the Revolution uses the same fully automatic process for all tire and wheel combinations, saving time on today’s diverse assemblies.

Here is just a small list of the benefits we are seeing from this machine for our customers

  • Same procedure for all tires and wheels
  • Demounts without levers
  • Mount virtually any tire
  • Powered for maximum control
  • Inflation station algorithm fills to set pressure automatically
  • Monitors TPMS location constantly
  • Won’t allow tire to be mounted or demounted in unsafe TPMS location
  • Powerful pneumatic clamp holds wheel secure
  • Center clamp design avoids clamping damage
  • This new machine in combination with our Tire Rack Trusted Installer Affiliation makes this a winning combination for our customers and we are truly proud to pass on this information Be sure to call us today to setup and appointment. You can have your orders shipped directly to us!

    Tire Rack’s Recommended Installers
    Recommended Installer Criteria

    All of Tire Rack’s Recommended Installers are carefully screened to ensure they have the right equipment and experience to satisfactorily serve our customers. In fact, to become a Recommended Installer a company must:

    1. Use proper mounting and balancing equipment including touchless or rim clamp, European-style tire changers and high-speed computer spin balancers.
    2. Employ properly trained technicians capable of safely performing damage-free installations.
    3. Be an automotive business that can offer additional services to customers (alignments, complete repairs, auto detailing, etc.)
    4. Possess a positive attitude and the ability to treat Tire Rack’s customers with the highest level of professional courtesy.

    Only after these criteria are met is a company approved to become one of our Recommended Installers.