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Performance & Dyno Tuning

Performance & Dyno Tuning

J.D.’s Auto and Performance Center is a full service auto repair, high performance tuning, dyno tuning, and restoration facility. Established since 1996, we perform routine auto repair on any make or model vehicle. We can accommodate Rolls Royce and other British models as well as any American model.

We have technicians with over 30 years’ experience to provide quality service and repair work. Our technicians are AC Delco, Ford, and GM certified. We operate a fully computerized shop with the latest equipment for today’s high tech problems. Our mechanics are skilled technicians who maintain their skills with specialized hands on training for solving the problems today’s vehicles face. This helps you save money by taking the guess work out of repairs.

We handle performance tuning and upgrades for the race enthusiast. We have a long list of best-in-show cars as well as First place winners. We handle any make, model or year. Our shop rates are competitive. We also provide high quality service and routine maintenance on your classic automobile.
Antique, Classic or Muscle Car? We cater to the Antique, Classic or Muscle car enthusiast. Our experienced technicians can perform service, repair, custom restoration work and performance upgrades.

We maintain customer or business vehicle history in our database enabling us to remind you when routine service is due as well as maintaining a comprehensive repair history for each vehicle.
Our Guarantee to you – We stand behind all work and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Every car is different, so each make and model has a different mod, we use a variety of dyno tuning software such as SCT, HP Tuners, Diablo Sport. We offer dyno tuning for all aftermarket management systems. Dyno tune allows us to see what the vehicle is doing from the beginning to end, and then we can adjust the ECM for a peak horse power output. Based upon what the vehicle is doing. Our trained technicians know how to read and adjust for peak performance from your engine.

We enter into our computer the fuel, timing, transmission shifting, idle control, speed limiters – which gives us an in-depth view of what is needed to boost your engines performance. Our technicians can tune any motor and can provide the exact combination of performance upgrades, getting you the maximum horsepower from your engine.

We can perform custom dyno tuning on your vehicle regardless of where you are, we have serviced customers in Horsham Pa, Willow Grove PA, Warminster PA, Philadelphia PA, Bucks County PA, Montgomery County Pa, and many others


What is Dyno Tuning?

Dyno tuning is when you take what you have and make the most of it by tweaking the ignition system and then the carburetor or fuel injection system. The purpose of super tuning is to achieve maximum performance. Since factory engineers need to balance performance with emissions, noise and fuel economy, the car isn’t initially setup for maximum performance.

A Brief History in Dyno Tuning

In the beginning, before the advent of dynamometers and data logging equipment, performance tuning was accomplished at the track by utilizing one’s understanding of the fundamentals of internal combustion engines and lots of trial and error. Over the years, many “rules of thumb” were developed to guide tuners in their efforts to set up various combinations. For a given combination, tuners would begin with a conservative setup and then sneak up on the optimum fuel and spark requirements by analyzing what little information was available and by using “rules of thumb” to make changes to the setup.

Due to the lack of accurate, meaningful information, tuners inevitably made changes to the system that degraded horsepower and/or damaged the equipment.
Today, with the advent of the information system and the proliferation of silicon-based electronics, many meaningful attributes can be measured and manipulated to optimize the performance of an internal engine.

Sensors that measure temperature, pressure, acceleration, velocity, distance, gas, electromagnetic frequency, and intensity can be utilized to record exhaust gas temperature, blower boost, engine torque, engine speed, ignition timing, and exhaust gas oxygen content.


SCT Tuning Ford Tuning

COMPLETE Control is what you need when custom dyno tuning a vehicle. SCT’s Advantage Custom Tuning Software gives you COMPLETE control of 320+ PCM parameters across 4800+ PCM’s. More Power, More Torque, Increased Gas Mileage, and our exclusive Built-In Computer Controlled Two Step Rev Limiter* are just the beginning! Retains Stock PCM Program for easy restoration back to stock configuration.

CUSTOM TUNING today’s high tech vehicles require a high tech set of tools! SCT’s Tuning gives you that edge. SCT’s automotive performance products increase your vehicle’s horsepower, torque and throttle response by optimizing your vehicles PCM (engine management computer).


HP Tuning for GM make vehicle’s

CHP Tuners – Put power at your fingertips! HP Tuners support many vehicles, we can dyno tune your car or truck to it’s full potential in both power and drivability.



DiabloSport for our Dodge Customers. Get the power and performance you’ve been missing.
Whether it’s stock to highly modified, we can get you the extra power and drivability from your car. Every tune is custom tailored to your vehicle on our in house dyno so you can see the increase of power and torque from your Mopar. Every car is data logged and tuned for the best performance and drivability of your car.

Contact us today in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, and let us handle your automotive restorations.Some of the Auto Body Repair, Restpration, High Performance and Dyno Tuning Service Areas we serve: