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Parking Nightmares: The Different Types of Bad Parking

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Proper parking is a skill that’s learned by drivers after they pass their test, but there seem to be some people out there that just never bother to learn! There are few things in this world as infuriating as a driver that breaks parking etiquette, flouting the rules that the rest of us stick to. Today, we’re going to be highlighting the different types of bad parkers so you can avoid being one of these obnoxious individuals!

Thinking outside the box

Have you ever spent 20 minutes driving around the grocery store parking lot looking for a space, only to find that the only one left has been taken by someone who’s parked across the lines of two places so you can’t get in? It’s a common sight and is enraging for drivers that want to get in and out of the store in a hurry. DON’T be one of those people—whenever you park in a lot, make sure you check your parking job is clearly in the lines.

Too close for comfort

So, you managed to eventually find a space, went and did your grocery shopping, but when you return to your vehicle, someone has parked so near to the driver’s side that you can’t get in your vehicle! This all-too-common scenario happens up and down the country daily. It must be said that most drivers that commit this parking offense do so by accident, but negligence is never a good excuse! When you’ve parked in a bay, make sure you always check the passenger side to ensure the person returning to the next car along has enough room to get into their vehicle.

The classic box-in

Now, if you’ve ever been boxed-in, you’ll know how much this can drive you mad. It happens in parking lots, on streets with driveways, and even on a typical street parking spot! The worst thing about being boxed-in is that you need to wait for the driver to return before you can get your vehicle out of there, and you never know how long that’s going to be. Please please please, don’t be THAT person that boxes people in! Always double-check the other vehicles around you to ensure everyone can get out of their parking spot when you choose yours!

The cheeky driver

So, you’ve finally found a parking space after 20 minutes of looking, you drive forward so you can reverse in—it’s always easier to get out this way—but what’s this? Some cheeky driver has nipped into the space that you were clearly going to reverse into! Sometimes I wonder how these people can sleep at night. And to make things worse, they then get out their vehicle right in front of you and either completely ignore you or offer a totally disgenuine “I’m so sorry”. This is the ultimate slap in the face when it comes to bad parking!

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