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Restore or Restomod Your Classic Car. What’s the Difference?

Automotive restoration is a popular hobby and business for many people. If you’re a classic car owner and you’re interested in learning more about how to make your vehicle both beautiful and functional, then you might be interested in learning more about classic car restoration and restomod processes. At JD’s Auto Repair of Huntingdon Valley, we help all of our customers achieve their goals with whatever classic car they own.

Classic cars are unique and come in several makes and models. There are thousands of upgrades as well as unlimited customization options. The one quality that all classic cars have in common is that they fall into one of three categories: original, restored and restomod. As you begin your journey through refurbishing, you might want to consider the specific options that are available to your particular car.

Original cars are rare. A truly original car is one that has had both its interior and its exterior maintained without the addition of any replacement parts. It also means that it has had few repairs and that any parts in need of repair have been fixed as opposed to replaced. If you want to know more about your particular vehicle, there is a wealth of information available both online and in person at your local classic car restoration shop.

A restored car is one that has been refurbished to its factory specifications using original factory parts. New old stock parts are old but have never been sold at retail. However, as you might have already figured out, finding these parts can be a challenging task. They can be both hard to find and expensive. For this reason, many classic cars are restored using new parts that have been manufactured to the original specifications. The end goal with a restored car is refurbishing it so that the car looks and rides exactly the way it did when it was originally produced.

A restomod car is one that has been restored but modified with modern car parts as well as modern technology. A restomod car carries its original exterior look, yet under the hood you’ll see some differences. Many owners of restomod vehicles have decided to comply with emissions standards and added airbags or brakes. In some cases, they have installed GPS systems or other upgrades that weren’t part of the car’s original production. Many car owners go the restomod route in order to enhance their car’s engines and to enhance its performance and improve its fuel efficiency.