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Taking Your Classic Car Into The Modern Age

Many people purchase classic cars with the good intention of restoring them to their original condition. Many people also like to have their cars restored so that they can drive their cars around on weekends or take them to special car shows. If you’re curious about how to get your classic car looking good for the modern age, then JD’s Auto Repair has a few tips that can help.

Having a restored classic car can be a rewarding and fun experience. You can make it look great and it will also get you where you need to go. If you want to get your classic car back on the road so that it turns heads, then take a look at the following great pointers:

  • Brakes

Safety is always a top concern, regardless of your car’s age. If you own a classic car, however, it’s even more important that you take note of its braking system. If you want to drive a classic car and remain safe on the road, then it’s important to upgrade its braking system.

First, you’ll want to renew the hydraulic brake lines. This is the line that runs from each wheel to the brake master cylinder into the engine compartment. You should probably replace the rubber lines, as well. Investing in a new dual-circuit master cylinder is also a good idea. This will provide braking power to both the front and the back of your vehicle.

  • Engine

Most classic cars have an entirely different cooling system than their modern counterparts. Most classic cars have fans that operate on the engine’s speed. This ensures that the car’s engine remains cool when the car is parked or when it’s driving at a low speed. Many of the fans used in classic cars are simply not great at keeping cars from overheating.

Modern cars use electric fans that connect to the car’s 12-volt electrical system and operate by a thermostatic controller. These fans are more reliable and cheaper to buy. If you need help completing the work or choosing a brand, JD’s Auto Repair can help. 

  • Battery

Fitting your classic car with a heavy-duty battery will make your car much easier to start on cold winter mornings. You’ll need to consider whether you need a standard battery or whether you need a more heavy-duty battery to use with upgraded accessories in your car.

  • Lighting

The lighting systems in classic cars is not as strong as the lighting systems in more modern cars so you’ll probably want to upgrade at some point. There are many choices on the market when it comes to lighting upgrades to help you along with the process.