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Preparing Your Car for a New Season of Driving

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Everyone knows that cars get damaged in the winter months from the cold weather, the salt on the roads, and the wet conditions, but what about in the summer months? Are things all fine and dandy when the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in sight? Unfortunately not! The summer months bring with them new challenges for your car, and it’s just as important that you prepare for the hot weather like you do when you get ready for the cold months of winter. Here’s a quick round-up of how to prepare your vehicle for the summer months ahead.

1) Get your brakes ready

It’s important to regularly have the brake fluid checked no matter the month, but the summer is an ideal time to check them. If you’re going on vacation, a road trip, or driving to a festival with a car full of people and their luggage, your brakes will be working harder than usual. This means they’ll deteriorate at a faster rate than usual so they should be in perfect condition before you set off.

2) Keep your cooling system in good condition

The cooling system can take a real hit in the summer months when the sun is beating down on the car all day long. Add to this the hot, dry air that runs through the engine and you’ll find you’re out of coolant in no time! Check your coolant and water levels every week during the summer months and top them up to full if you’re planning a long journey or think you may be stuck in a tailback at any time.

3) Changing the oil

Oil is important for ensuring your car’s engine runs smoothly, but during the summer months, oil can get clogged up with dust, dirt, and road debris that is sucked in by the engine’s air filters. Make sure you change your oil at the beginning of summer to keep your engine running smoothly and to help avoid any problems with the engine that may set you back.

4) Keeping the air filters working

As previously mentioned, air filters can bring in dirty air in the summer months. This can clog the engine and affect performance. As new air filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, it’s certainly worth replacing them at the start of summer if you live in a particularly dry or dusty climate.

5) Air-con is a lifesaver

How did we ever live without in-car air-con? Cars act as greenhouses in the summer months, so imagine how hot it can get if you’re stuck in a tailback for hours on end. Air conditioning is an important part of modern vehicles, and you should ensure you switch it on and run it regularly to stop it from getting clogged up.

6) Summer tires

Nowadays, most people use all-season tires. However, it’s actually more efficient to switch between summer and winter tires—especially if you live somewhere at experiences very cold winters and very hot summers. If that’s the case, change to your summer tires and preserve those winter tires for the coldest months of the year when they’re needed most.

Summer can have just as much of an effect on your vehicle as winter, but with a few adjustments and careful planning, you can ensure your car runs smoothly all the way through to fall. If you’d like a professional tune-up for the summer months ahead, bring your car down to JD’s Auto Repair where we’d be more than happy to give it a thorough check and make any adjustments necessary for the beautiful summer months ahead.