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The Most Underrated Muscle Cars of All Time

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Are you a car enthusiast?  Maybe you grew up with a love for all kinds of vehicles or maybe you just recently got interested in a certain model.  At JD’s Auto Repair, we help customers with a wide range of automotive needs.  Our experienced technicians are always available to help people with maintenance, repairs or accessories.  If you’re a true car lover and have a special soft spot for muscle cars, then you might already have your favorites.  At JD’s Auto Repair, we’ve got a shot but sweet list of the most underrated muscle cars of all time.

The Buick Wildcat was around from 1963 to 1970.  It’s a full-sized vehicle with a fiberglass body.  The Buick Wildcat has its origins in its role as an engine option for the 1962 Invicta.  The Wildcat V8 was the smallest engine on the market at that time.  m enthusiasts praise the Buick Wildcat for its design and its performance.

Another underrated muscle car from years gone by is the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, which was around from 1970 to 1971.  This car was originally intended to be an upgrade to the Comet, but it had a 335 horsepower 428 engine.  Eventually, the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler became its own vehicle that was touted for its high-performance package that was known as “The Spoiler.”  At JD’s Auto Repair, we know that car enthusiasts are loyal to many different makes and models.  We can help take care of whatever muscle car that needs maintenance or repair.

The Ford Falcon Spirit also made our list of underrated muscle cars.  The Falcon lost popularity as soon as the Ford Mustang made its debut.  However, it still had many aficionados.  The Sprint package for the Ford Falcon Spirit had rugged springs and included a V8 engine.  Even though the Ford Falcon Spirit didn’t receive the popularity that it was due, many people still did what they could to own one.

The AMC Matador Machine was around from 1971 to 1972.  This mid-sized car was powered by a 6.6-liter V8 engine and it came with a manual transmission.  The AMC Matador was redesigned by American Motors Corporation from 1974 to 1978.  As muscle head enthusiasts recall, the AMC Matador was a favorite during the 1970’s because of its high performance and its excellent design.