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12 Signs You’re Madly in Love … with Your Car

Your car is an important part of your life. It gets you around to places. You rely on it to get to work (unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with excellent public transportation – which isn’t most of the US anyway …). We love our cars, and we want to take care of them but let’s face it. Some people love their cars just a little too much. Here are 12 signs you may be just a little too into your car. 

You’ve Given Your Car a Pet Name

“Everyone gives their car a pet name,” you say. Sure, a lot of people give their vehicles silly little names. You’re a little different. The name you gave your car has a story behind it and you use the name frequently, even referring to your car by name to strangers who may think you’re talking about a person.

You Talk to Your Car

As with the pet names, most people talk to their car a little bit. Who doesn’t beg for a few more miles when they’re floating on an empty gas tank? You take it a step further, though. You have whole conversations with your car from the moment you go to get into the moment you arrive at your destination. You may even go as far as to promise your car that you’ll be right back. 

You Panic When You Park

For most people, parking is just what you do when you arrive. For you, however, parking is an exercise in trust. You’ll park at the furthest end of the parking lot just to ensure no one hits your car with their door. Just don’t start taking up two spaces, okay? 

You Have Stricter Rules for the Car than for the House

No one wants people making messes in their car. That’s not you. Passengers can only put their feet on the floor mats. Only certain types of beverages are allowed. Depending on the kind of seats you have, certain types of clothing may be off-limits. No rule is too strict to keep your car safe.

Your Car Has an Excessive Social Media Presence

You have a Facebook or an Instagram account. No one knows anything about you, though, because every picture is about your car. You even post memes about her. 

You’re Meticulous About Cleaning Your Car

A clean car is nice, but you spend hours cleaning your car. Not only do you vacuum and brush the seats. You take a soft-bristle toothbrush to every crevice inside and outside your car to ensure she is spotless with nary a scratch to be found. 

And we haven’t even gotten to the waxing yet.

You Know EVERYTHING There Is to Know About Your Car

A smart driver knows where to find information in their owner’s manual. It’s always a good practice to at least have some knowledge about the maintenance of your vehicle, even if you don’t learn how to do minor maintenance yourself. You, however, go above and beyond, knowing about everything in the vehicle and even trivia about why certain features are included in your car’s year, make, and model. 

You Check on Your Car Multiple Times at Night 

You can’t go to sleep at night without checking on your car to make sure she’s safe. Even if you keep her tucked away in the garage or under a tarp (squirrels will attack your car with nuts and seeds!) you still take moment just to make sure she is safe and sound. 

You Never Use Valet Parking

No one gets to drive your car except you. This isn’t necessarily unusual. A car is a big investment, and lots of people will insist that only they drive their car. You’re more extreme than most, though, going as far as to prohibit even valet drivers from getting behind the wheel.

The Slightest Ding Traumatizes You

If anything happens to your car, it’s a near catastrophe. A rogue shopping cart? You check and triple-check the impact sight just to make sure it left no marks or dents. Did a car door open into you? You keep a rag in your car for just such an emergency, with wax to buff away any scuff marks.

You Celebrate Your Car-iversary

You know exactly when you bought your car – and you celebrate every year. Maybe it’s just a short drive to a favorite place. More likely, though, you buy your car a new accessory. After all, it’s a special day. 

Did We Tug at Your Heart Strings? 

You love your car, and she deserves the best. Whether you’re looking for a tune-up, body repair, restoration, want to take advantage of our Dyno Tuning, contact us today. We’ll help you make the most of your vehicle.

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