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5 Vehicle Noises You Don’t Want to Ignore

A little noise from your car isn’t unusual. By their nature, most vehicles are not quiet. However, some noises shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s look at five noises you should pay attention to. If you hear these, bring your vehicle to our Huntingdon Valley service station. We’ll make sure that your car is back in shape and road-ready.

Knocking and Pinging

Do you hear a noise that sounds like something knocking or pinging in your engine? Does it get worse when you speed up? This could have a few causes, all of which you should get taken care of as soon as possible, 

  • Engine parts may be worn out and need replacing
  • You could have a damaged spark plug causing ignition problems
  • The air filter may be old or clogged and need replacing


Do you hear squealing when you apply the brakes? If so, it could be one of these problems, 

  • Dirt on your brake rotors, drums, pads, or shoes
  • Improperly mounted brake calipers
  • Worn brake pads

Improperly mounted brakes and worn brake pads are both serious safety issues, while dirt can cause further damage. If you’re hearing squealing when you brake, bring your vehicle in right away. 


No one wants to hear a hiss; it’s a survival instinct. Hiss means danger. That holds true when it comes to your vehicle. A hiss indicates either an overheating engine or a leaked vacuum. The latter can lead to engine damage, as your engine doesn’t receive the proper air/fuel ratio. An overheating engine, however, is dangerous. If you hear a hiss, don’t take the risk. Bring your vehicle in right away.

Grinding or Jerking

Do you have a manual transmission that grinds when you push in the clutch and shift gears? Is your automatic vehicle jerking or grinding when the transmission shifts? Other troublesome transmission noises include whining, humming, or buzzing. These noises can indicate low transmission fluid. It could also indicate a cracked or chipped gear, among other transmission-related problems. In any case, you should not ignore transmission issues. If you hear any of these noises, bring your vehicle as soon as possible. 


Popping noises commonly occur in the muffler, usually during acceleration. This is caused by overrun (when the engine gets more fuel than it can burn). The excess often ends up in the exhaust pipe, where it backfires and pops. If you hear that noise, you should bring your vehicle in right away so that we can check it out.

Address Sounds Right Away

Are you worried about a noise you hear from your car? Whether you need repairs, are looking to upgrade your vehicle, or want to take advantage of our Dyno Tuning, contact us today. We’ll help you make the most of your vehicle. 

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