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How to Choose the Right Repair Shop

Are you thinking about finding a new mechanic? Maybe you just moved to a new town and you aren’t sure who to go for when you need scheduled maintenance or when you need quick repairs.  At JD’s Auto Repair, we know that finding a great mechanic can often be like finding a needle in a haystack.  If you’re looking for a trusted shop for all of your car’s maintenance and repair needs, JD’s Auto Repair can help.  We take pride in offering excellent customer service and only high-quality car care.  At JD’s Auto Repair we’ve got a few tips on how to help you choose a great repair shop in your neck of the woods.

Before settling in a mechanic, you might want to ask a few important questions.  By asking the mechanics questions, you’ll find out more about how they operate and about whether they might be a good fit for your service needs.  Some questions might include the following:  Does the shop employ technicians who are ASE-certified?  You want to make sure that your vehicle is taken to a professional shop with credentialed technicians.

Another way to choose the best repair shop is by finding out how the customers are treated.  Give the shop a visit and look around inside.  Is the customer waiting area clean and organized?  Does it seem like people are treated respectfully when they drop off their cars and when they pick them up?  You can always check out online reviews, such as those found on Yelp or on Google.  This will help you find out if the shop generally receives positive reviews, or if they have one too many negative comments.  You can also give the shop a call and simply inquire about their services.  Doing so will help you find out how they treat potential customers.

One more way to find out if you’ve stumbled upon a good repair shop is by finding out if they offer a warranty.  Generally speaking, most shops offer a warranty on parts and labor.  The warranty is usually posted in a visible place inside the shop.  Your vehicle is an important investment, so it pays to take the time and find a repair shop that will best serve your individual car care needs.