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How to Get Rid of Odd Noises in Your Classic Car

Are you a classic car owner who has recently discovered that your classic car is making some odd noises? Many classic car owners have this issue and luckily, it can be fixed. One of the trickiest parts to fixing the odd noises in your classic car is identifying exactly where those noises are coming from. At JD’s Auto Repair, we can help you figure out why your car is making odd noises and you’ll be able to enjoy your car without the noisy interruptions.

One way to fix some of the odd noises inside your classic car is by pressing on the panels, doors and windows. You might want to press on the trim, too. See if any of the sounds change in intensity. Sometimes, you can even give your dashboard a good tap and listen to see if that changes any of the sounds, too.

Oftentimes, dashboard noises come from places where metal and plastic meet. It could be from a timer or from relays that dangle from the wiring harness. Sometimes noises come from the heater or the air-conditioner, too. You might have to remove some trim panels before you can identify the exact source of the noise.

You’ll need to give your car a good visual inspection, too. Check to see if your glove compartment and console doors are working properly. Are they dried out or shrunken? Maybe something is loose that you wouldn’t have noticed until you inspected more closely. Look for missing screws or for anything else that might indicate it is responsible for the noise.

Sometimes, noises can come from the window mechanisms. Older ones tend to rattle when they become loose. Other times, the source of the noise can be a power lock linkage. Speakers can also cause noises inside a classic car, so you’ll want to check these, as well. Sometimes removing the door panel is necessary.