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Major Issues That Impact Your Vehicle’s Drivability

Drivability is a measurement of how well your car performs. It can include everything from the condition of the suspension and tires to the running of the engine. We covered the exact meaning and importance of drivability in a previous blog post, titled Why Drivability is Important for Every Vehicle. There are some major indicators that your vehicle’s drivability has been compromised that you need to look out for. Today, we’re going to explain the major issues that affect your car’s drivability, and how you can prevent it from declining over time.

1. Check the Tires

New tires are noticeably more comfortable to drive on. They grip the road well, preventing the car from slipping and sliding. Worn tires can often feel like you’re driving on pebbles when you’re not. The good thing is, tire wear is easy to spot. Check your tires and make sure the tread is at least 1mm deep and that there are no rips, gouges, or tears in the rubber.

2. Screeching Brakes

When you put on the brakes, do you hear an almighty screech? If so, this could be a sign that you need your brake discs replaced. Don’t dwell on it for any longer as screeching brakes are a sign that the discs are damaged and could potentially fail should this damage get worse.

3. Is Your Engine Light On?

Everyone hates the engine light. We’d rather just cover it with some tape and forget that it’s there. But if your engine light is on, it could be the sign of an issue that can develop into a major problem. Don’t ignore it. Get your engine checked out asap to ensure you don’t unwittingly damage your vehicle’s engine beyond repair!

JD Auto Repair - Major Issues That Impact Your Vehicle’s Drivability

4. Are You Stalling at Full Stops?

Does your vehicle stall when you come to a complete standstill? If so, this could be a sign that your fuel injector is not working properly. In addition, it can also indicate a number of more serious issues. You’ll need to take it for an inspection by a certified technician to have the problem diagnosed and fixed.

5. How Does the Engine Feel When Idle?

When your car’s engine is on but it’s standing idle, you should hear a consistent light purring sound from the engine. Any vehicle that skips, splutters, or stammers while standing idle could have a major problem with it. This could require a full tune-up. These are also signs that you are burning much more fuel than necessary, so it’s also unnecessarily burning a hole in your pocket!

There are many indicators that your vehicle’s drivability has been compromised. Don’t wait to see if these get better by themselves—they won’t. If you think your vehicle’s drivability is compromised or would like to have a routine check to ensure everything is running how it should be, bring it down to JD’s Auto Repair. Our qualified auto experts are the best in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas. We’ll be more than happy to have a look and increase your vehicle’s drivability at our specialist auto repair shop.

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