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Noisy Exhaust? Here’s What It May Be

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Are you a driver whose noticed that your exhaust is much noisier than usual?  Maybe you’ve seen the neighbors raise their eyebrows when you drive down the street and you want to fix the problem quickly.  At JD’s Auto Repair, we offer a full line of automotive maintenance services and repairs for customers in the Huntingdon Valley and surrounding area.  If you want to find out how to fix that rumbling and roaring exhaust on your vehicle, then we’ve got a few helpful hints.

If you hear loud exhaust sounds coming from the engine area of your vehicle, then the issue could be a bad gasket or a loose flexible pipe connection. There’s also a chance that it could be a more serious issue, such as a cracked exhaust manifold.  In this case, you’ll need to have the area inspected closely to determine exactly what it causing the noise.

Drivers who notice a loud exhaust sound coming from the center part of your exhaust, then there’s a possibility that the problem is just a hole in your exhaust pipe.  This is, fortunately, a simple repair.  Sometimes the issue is a result of a loose connection or a bad seal in the catalytic converter.  These, too, are relatively simple repairs.  An expensive repair, on the other hand, involves a full catalytic converter replacement.

In cases where you hear the exhaust noise coming from the back of the vehicle, chances are it’s a bad muffler seal that’s causing the issue.  Another possible issue can be muffler connection.  Luckily, a rear muffler replacement isn’t too expensive of a repair.  Noise coming from the rear of your exhaust system could actually indicate an engine tuning issue.  At JD’s Auto Repair, we help all of our customers get to the root of their exhaust issues.  If you discover that troubleshooting on your own isn’t yielding results, then stop in to our shop and get an opinion from the experts.