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Repairing the Suspension on a Classic Car

Classic cars are majestic, sleek, and nostalgic machines that evoke images of the American car manufacturing heyday when all sorts of whacky designs rolled off the assembly line. The sight and sound of one racing through the country is something to behold, but if you ever find yourself behind the wheel of one, the experience can be a whole lot different! Many classic cars do not handle well, in fact, they can handle so badly that you may find yourself driving with your heart in your mouth the whole time. Why? Because original suspension was…to put it mildly, quite awful. For all their lack of fun and their dull design, modern cars do include some beneficial mod-cons such as power steering, four-wheel drive, and of course, good quality suspension. If you find your classic car is handling like a cardboard box strapped to a rodeo bull, you may need to get your suspension repaired or completely changed. Here’s how to spot the signs and get the repairs done!

Spotting suspension problems early

Many parts of the suspension system wear out over time. This leads to a rough feeling ride, difficulty steering, the car listing to one side, or the car sitting low when stationary. You may also notice that your vehicle feels sluggish and is struggling to get up to speed. If you notice any of these issues, bring it on down to us or get us to come out and collect your vehicle without getting back in it—it may be too dangerous to drive!

Spotting the signs of damaged suspension early is important to minimize the spread of further deterioration, so if you are unsure, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to put yourself or others in danger.

Getting your suspension repaired

So, you need to have your suspension repaired? You have two options. You can either look for OEM parts—parts provided by the original manufacturer—or, you can look for aftermarket parts—parts designed by third-party vendors for use on classic cars. OEM parts tend to be pricier, can sometimes be impossible to track down, and don’t perform as well as aftermarket parts. OEM parts do, however, have a major advantage—they give you that just-rolled-off-the-assembly-line feeling that you just can’t get with aftermarket parts. Whichever you decide to go with, it’s a good idea to have a professional fit them and make sure that all they’re working safely and correctly.

At JD’s, we regularly work with OEM and aftermarket parts, so whichever you decide on, we are happy to fit them for you.

Driving away safe and sound

The suspension is fundamental to the safe handling of your car, so it’s not something you want to mess around with! If you suspect that your vehicle’s suspension is broken or damaged, head down to JD’s Auto Repair where our dedicated, experienced mechanics will fit you a new suspension system suited to your needs. We will ensure you drive away comfortable, happy, and most of all, safe!