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Restoring Your Classic Car

If you are a proud owner of a classic car, then you might be curious about how to have it restored. At JD’s Auto Repair of Huntingdon Valley, we help our customers keep their cars looking great and we help them with all of their restoration questions, too. Whether you want your classic car restored or an auto show or whether you just want it restored for your personal benefit, we can help you along with the process.

A classic car restoration will return your car to its former glory and beauty. By following just a few basic guidelines, you can have a memorable and enjoyable experience making your car look wonderful. One of the top qualities of a classic car is its ability to stand out from all the other modern cars on the road. Restoring your classic car not only elicits and ahhs from onlookers. It also increases the car’s overall value.

You’ll need specific tools to do a restoration. You’ll also need to be prepared for a systematic approach. One of the major restoration components is the engine. This is basically your car’s heart, so it’s always a good idea to have any work completed by a certified mechanic. Once the engine is running smoothly, it’s fine to give it a steam wash and a paint job. The gearbox and transmission also need to be checked out. Changing the oil is a good idea, too.

Next? Replace any rusty or damaged body panels. Then check your car’s windows for cracks. If you need to replace the windows, then try to source your replacement glass from an authorized glass shop. You can polish your classic car with chrome polishing is a great finishing touch that will make your car look amazing.

The rubber that lines your car’s windows and doors should be sprayed with a silicon product for better ease of use. Take a look at your car’s interior, as well. If possible, install brand new upholstery and change the floor panels. You might want to consider restoring your car to its original paint color, too.