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Fix it Yourself or Hand it Off to the Professionals?

Have you ever wondered if all those repairs that the mechanic does can actually be done yourself? It can be tempting to make your car repairs into DIY projects and many times, that’s acceptable. Yet there are also a few car repairs that should always be left to the professionals. At JD’s Auto Repair, we can help you sort out which repairs you can safely handle alone and which repairs should be handed off to the pros.

Air filter replacements can be handled at home. Clogged air filters can lower your car’s performance, but changing them by yourself is simple and it will increase your car’s power as well as its gas mileage. An air filter replacement is one of the easiest DIY car repairs possible, so give it a go.

Giving your car an oil change is another simple DIY car fix. You’ll want to avoid doing an oil change too soon after driving your car because it can be too hot to work on, but other than that, an oil change is simple. Just wait a few hours after driving your car and then find a ratchet, oil filter, wrench, funnel, some oil and an oil filter.

Changing the sparkplugs on your car is another simple DIY task. Your car will have better fuel consumption and it will also ride smoother after a sparkplug change. Sparkplugs are usually inexpensive, too.

Another quick and inexpensive repair involves windshield wiper blades. All you need to do to change them is replace the worn-out strips of rubber. This is easy to do and will make your car much safer to drive in the rain. All you really need to change your windshield wipers is a screwdriver.

You can also fix your headlight bulbs at home, too. Check the front of your car to see if your headlights are burnt out. Sealed beam headlights are simple to fix and it will save you money by doing it yourself, as well.

It’s important to remember that a few car repairs shouldn’t be completed at home. Installing a car stereo, fixing a timing belt and changing shock absorbers are all issues that would be best left to the professionals. Car stereo installation involves wires and you can damage your vehicle if this isn’t done correctly. Timing belts are significant car components and should only be handled by the pros. Repairing shock absorbers can also be dangerous. An incorrectly repaired shock absorber can pose hazards, as well.