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The 5 Major Reasons Why You Should Regularly Change Your Oil

Changing the oil in your vehicle is one of the many small yet essential maintenance jobs that need to be done to keep the engine running smoothly. Most vehicles require a change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, but you should always check the driver’s manual to ensure you know exactly how often the oil needs to be changed in your specific model! Some drivers out there assume that a car can run an extra few hundred or even a few extra thousand miles above this threshold, but there are many reasons why this is certainly not the case. Here at JD’s Auto Repair, we’re going to highlight exactly why regular oil changes are important for the wellbeing of your vehicle.

1. It Keeps Your Engine Properly Lubricated

One of the most important functions of engine oi is keeping the engine well-lubricated. Your vehicle’s engine contains many moving parts, all of which are at risk of being worn down if the oil is old or isn’t topped up and replaced regularly. Changing the oil also gives you the chance to double-check for any engine wear and tear or other issues before they develop into more serious and costly repairs.

2. It Helps Keep the Engine Clean

Dirt and impurities from the air and as a byproduct of the engine’s function build up in the oil over time. This turns the oil from a smooth and silky substance into a sludgy and sticky mess that actually hinders the movement of parts within the engine itself. This resistance to movement means your vehicle needs to work harder to keep going and will deteriorate at a faster pace.

3. Don’t Forget to Replace the Oil Filter

The oil filter helps keep the oil clean by removing some of those impurities that build up in the engine, but it can also become significantly blocked if the oil or filter isn’t changed regularly. This blockage can have just as detrimental an impact on the engine as dirty oil, so make sure you don’t forget to clean or replace the filter regularly!

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4. Increases Fuel Economy

With less resistance in the engine, your vehicle will use less gas than if it had old oil. This means you will save money and also help the environment by producing a lower amount of exhaust fumes per mile.

5. Mechanics Can Use the Opportunity to Look Over Your Engine

If you take your vehicle in for regular maintenance checks, the mechanics at the workshop will change the oil for you. But they will also check over the engine for any other issues that you may not see yourself. With their trained eye, they’re able to notice potential problems before they become a larger issue and may even save you a lot of money in the long run!

If you are one of the many vehicle owners that don’t change their oil as regularly as they should, it’s time to think again! Oil changes are one of the most important regular maintenance procedures you can perform on your vehicle, and it’s really not that difficult to do! If you’re worried about damage to your engine from using unchanged oil, or you’d like an expert to perform the oil change for you, head down to JD’s Auto Repair. Our trained mechanics know their way around an engine line the back of their hand and would be more than happy to do this for you.

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