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Winter Classic Car Care in Philadelphia

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Are you a classic car owner who wants to provide the best winter car care possible? If so, JD’s Auto Repair can help. JD’s Auto Repair is a leader in classic car care and we’ve got a few winter classic car care tips to help get you started. JD’s Auto Repair is located in Huntingdon Valley and provides automotive repair as well as restoration services.

One of the best tips for winter classic car care is to find a good storage location. We recommend storing your classic car in a garage that is both dark and dry. You’ll also want to ensure that the floor is as clean as possible at your storage location. If necessary, slide a piece of plastic on the ground to prevent dirt and debris from getting under your vehicle.

Another winter classic car care tip involves cleaning. You’ll want to make sure that you wash and wax your car before storing it away for winter. After giving it a good wash and wax, fill the fuel tank and add some fuel stabilizer. Change the oil as well as the filter, then check the antifreeze. The more care you take before storing your vehicle away, the better it will perform when you drive it again in the spring.

Add air to your tires. If you need to have any replaced, now is the time to do it so that you won’t need to complete future repairs after the winter season is over. At JD’s Auto Repair, we also recommend that you check your car insurance to determine whether you need to report the location of your storage place if you’re going with an offsite provider.

You might want to add some baking soda to your car’s interior and trunk areas before storing it away. You can also place a plastic bag over the air inlet and the exhaust pipe. This will keep insects and rodents away.