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Maintaining Your Car for the Changing Seasons

It’s important that you maintain your car all year round, but it’s particularly important to perform basic maintenance when the seasons change as conditions on the road change too. With winter just around the corner, fall is one of the most important times for making these checks, and although the window is short, it’s vital that you get yourself and your vehicle prepared for the long winter ahead. Here at JD’s Auto Repair, we’ve got five top tips on preparing your car for the long winter ahead!

Checking your brakes

Well-maintained brakes are probably the most important part of keeping yourself safe on the road – especially when wintery weather has caused the roads to become slippery and unpredictable. Your mechanic should check your caliper, rotor, drum, and pads to ensure that nothing has become worn or cracked during the summer months. If you need any new parts, now is the time to get them!

Changing the oil

During the summer months, engines tend to build up with dust and debris from the road. This can affect the inner workings of your vehicle’s engine as the oil becomes sticky. If you use the vehicle often, you should ensure you change the oil every 6 months – with the changing of the seasons, but especially at the end of summer. This will also help your engine heat up more efficiently in the cooler months ahead.

Replacing the tires

Wet and snowy weather can really affect your traction on the road, so if you live somewhere where this is a common winter weather condition, you should make sure you change to winter tires. However, even if you don’t need to change your tires with the seasons, it’s also important to have them checked as winter closes in. Summer driving causes extra wear which can lead to an uneven tread and make it more difficult for your vehicle to grip in adverse weather conditions!

In-car heating

Imagine setting off on a long journey in freezing cold weather and then finding out that your car’s heating system is broken! You don’t want to find yourself in this predicament, so give your car’s heating system a good blast to make sure nothing has affected it over the summer. If there are any leaks, strange sounds, or other unusual goings-on, make sure you get them checked out sooner rather than later.

General tune-up

Tune-ups are important to ensure your vehicle lasts longer and stays safe on the road. Most auto repair shops offer them, but they differ greatly in what is offered. At JD’s Auto Repair, you can be sure that we will check all the vitals of your vehicle, including the tires, brakes, engine, electrics, battery, and structure. This ensures that you’re not only safe, but also comfortable on the road.

If you’re looking for an auto repair shop that takes pride in its work and will give your vehicle a thorough check this fall, look no further than JD’s Auto Repair. Our team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate mechanics know exactly what it takes to ensure you’re both safe and comfortable for the upcoming winter! Give us a call on 215-938-9270, or visit our workshop at 810 Welsh Road, Huntington Valley, PA 19006 for a quote or for any questions you may have.