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Winterizing Your Classic Car

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Are you a classic car owner who plans to winterize your vehicle this season? Maybe you plan to purchase a classic car in the future and you want to know what steps are required for proper winterization. At JD’s Auto Repair, we provide a full range of restoration service for interested customers. Our winterization tips are sure to keep your classic car looking and performing great all season long. JD’s Auto Repair is a complete automotive restoration center where high quality is the standard and satisfaction is the norm.

At JD’s Auto Repair, we recommend storing your classic car in a dry, dark location that has limited access. Concrete flooring is ideal because it will deter moisture accumulation. If you are limited to storing your classic car on a dirt floor, then make sure to place a layer of plastic underneath it. You should also place carpet squares of wood pieces under the tires.

Once you’ve selected the right storage location, you should next give it a thorough wash and wax. Repeated covering and uncovering of your vehicle will cause scrapes if you don’t clean it first. After you’ve completed your cleaning, it’s a good idea to fill the fuel tank. You should also add fuel stabilizer. Run your classic car so that the fuel stabilizer circulates throughout the carburetor, injectors and fuel rails. Remember that the fuller the tank, the less room for moisture-containing air to move. This can rust your fuel tank and lead to contamination.

Another important winterization step is to change the oil and the filter. Clean oil will reduce your chances of having any contaminants seep into your engine during storage. At JD’s Auto Repair, we also recommend checking your antifreeze levels and adding air to your tires. A favorite storage tip we recommend is placing backing soda refrigerator packets in the truck. You might also want to think about covering your exhaust pipe with aluminum foil or plastic to deter insects and rodents from making a home out of your vehicle’s piping. At JD’s Auto Repair, we also recommend placing mothballs or steel wool in the tailpipe. It’s a good idea to place your vehicle on jack stands to prevent flat spots form developing on the tires. It also adds life to your suspension because the weight is supported.