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Seasonal Storage Tips for Classic Cars

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Owning classic car requires a certain level of patience and care.  Most people want their classic cars to last for as long as possible, so it’s important to give them the attention they deserve.  If you choose to store your classic car away for the winter or if you opt to give it a break during the summer months, it’s important to create a simple plan that will best accommodate your storage plans.

Investing in a seasonal storage location is a great idea, but you can also store your classic car inside a clean garage.  There are a few tips that will help you keep your classic car in the best condition possible.  One of the first suggestions is to fill your gas tank with a premium gasoline and then add a fuel stabilizer.  If your tank is full when you store it, you’ll decrease the chances of having moisture build up in the spaces which can lead to rust issues.

Another good seasonal storage tip for your classic car is to change your oil and your filter.  Leaving old oil in your classic car can lead to rusting inside the engine.  As a classic car owner, it’s important to follow as many storage tips as possible to ensure that your car runs great after you bring it out of storage.  It’s also a good idea to remove the spark plugs from your classic car and then lubricate the cylinders.

Washing and waxing your classic car is another important seasonal storage tip.  Dust or debris left on your car while in storage can leave permanent scratches or other exterior paint damages.  Vacuum the inside of your car to remove any crumbs or dirt, as well.  /this will deter pests from getting inside while your car is in storage.  Other seasonal storage tips include adding a box of baking soda to your car’s interior, blocking off the exhaust with steel wool to detract pests and lubricating the hood hinges to prevent them from jamming. Cleaning and dressing your classic car’s wheels is also an important seasonal storage tip.