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4 Questions to Decide Whether to DIY or Get the Professionals in

It’s always a tough decision—should you try and fix your vehicle yourself or get the professionals in? There are, of course, some simple maintenance jobs that shouldn’t cause too many problems, such as changing the oil or changing the battery. But, when things start getting more complicated, at what point is it more cost-effective and less time-consuming to call in the experts? We’re going to give you a breakdown of what to consider when making this decision.

How Long Will It Take?

One of the biggest considerations people need to make is about the time it takes to perform a repair job. If you know what needs to be done and feel you could do it yourself, it may still be worthwhile paying for professionals to do it for you to save you time. This is especially relevant if your vehicle is an everyday driver like a family car or you need it for business. For repair jobs on hobby cars or weekend drivers, you may feel that time isn’t as important, so you can attempt the repair yourself.

Does the Same Issue Keep Coming Up?

If you keep needing to repair the same issue, it could be because there is something you are not doing correctly or because there is a bigger issue that you haven’t properly diagnosed. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to see a professional who can take look with a more experienced eye. They will also have professional diagnostic equipment that can help them get to the bottom of the problem, so you won’t experience reoccurring issues anymore.

4 Questions to Decide Whether to DIY or Get the Professionals in

Do You Have the Necessary Tools?

Everyone should have a good set of tools but it’s unreasonable to expect every household to have the tools and equipment necessary for all repair jobs. Some repair jobs need highly sophisticated equipment or racks and lifts that are simply too big to keep in the average American home. For these jobs, don’t try and do it yourself without the specialist equipment—leave it to the pros!

Is It Safe for You?

Repairing cars can be dangerous work. You’re messing with engines, gasoline, and lots of fast-moving parts. Even experienced mechanics injure themselves on occasion, so it’s not surprising that many DIY repair jobs end in injury. Every time you do a repair job on your vehicle, do a safety assessment. Is the area clear? Do you have the correct safety equipment? Do you need another person to act as a buddy to keep you safe? If you still think there is a high risk of injury after making this assessment, you should really consider taking your vehicle to the repair shop. Professionally trained mechanics can then safely repair your vehicle. 

By answering these 4 questions, you should have a good idea about whether you can fix the problem yourself or if you need professional help. If you need professionals to look at your vehicle and perform repairs, give us a call here at JDs Auto Repair. Our experienced mechanics are experts in diagnosing and repairing any vehicle on the road. Give us a call or contact us through our website for more information.

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