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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Classic Car Enthusiast

Finding the right gift for the father in your life can be hard sometimes. Gone are the days of Old Spice and a tie. Today’s fathers are a world apart from their dads. However, every dad has an interest. If the father in your life is a classic car enthusiast, then we have some great Father’s Day gift ideas guaranteed to make his day.

Retro Car Home Décor

We all love to decorate our homes with things we’re passionate about. Classic car enthusiasts are no different. Consider a gift that lets them bring their favorite cars from the garage to the home. Some ideas include,

  • A commissioned painting of their latest restoration
  • A vintage poster or framed ad for their favorite classic car
  • Models they can build and paint
  • Classic car ornaments or parts repurposed into home décor
  • Specialized classic cars home décor such as replica classic car clocks and alarms

Classic Car 2

Durable Car Covers for Classic Cars

It’s no secret that the dad in your life obsesses about keeping his classic car safe and clean. Even when the car is kept in a garage, it’s not completely shielded from accidental scrapes or dings. Get him a set of durable car covers for classic cars. A high-quality, all-weather car cover will help ensure that his vehicular beauty stays safe when it has to be outdoors. Meanwhile, a breathable car cover for inside the garage will help keep the car safe from the minor dings and scratches that can happen as people move through the garage. For optimal protection, look for car covers custom fit to his custom car.

A Classic Car Wash and Wax Kit

Just like we have specific shampoos, conditioners, and body soaps that we prefer to use for ourselves, classic car enthusiasts have particular types of soap and wax they like to clean and preserve their classic cars. In fact, the types of wax, cleaner, and even cloths they use are important to keeping their vehicle beautiful. Get your classic car-loving dad a wash and wax kit made for keeping classic cars beautiful. Look for gentle but effective cleansers and waxes designed for classic car paint jobs. When you buy (or put together) your classic car cleaning kit, be sure to include proper sponges and cloths as well as interior cleaning supplies, for example, cleaners specifically for leather interiors if the classic car is leather inside.

Contribute to Their Restoration

If the dad in your life is planning or undertaking a classic car restoration, contribute to the supplies and labor they’ll need. Order a hard-to-find part that is on their list, get them a gift card or set up payment for an appointment with their favorite classic car restoration shop (like JDs Auto Restoration). If you have a dad who doesn’t like getting gifts, give them the gift of your help with their project. Sometimes quality time is the best gift we can offer for Father’s Day, and helping with a beloved project is a great way to spend time together.

Get Them Tickets to a Local Car Show

Give the dad in your life a chance to get up close and personal with vintage cars. Car shows are a great opportunity for car enthusiasts to see some really rare vehicles. It can also be a perfect opportunity for you to spend quality time with him and support his interests. Look for upcoming shows and get tickets to present to him on Father’s Day. He’s guaranteed to love them!

At JDs Auto Restoration, we love classic cars and our customers. Our experts have years of experience working on all makes and models of classic cars. From bodywork and paint to our expert Dyno Tuning, we have everything your dad will need for his classic car restoration.

Are You or Your Dad Restoring a Classic Car in Huntingdon Valley, PA?

If you you’re buying or restoring a classic or want a new paint job for your current vehicle, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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