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Car Show Season is Here! Get Your Vehicle Ready with These Easy Tips

The summer is almost here, and the Sunday drivers are waking up from their winter hibernation, but it also means that car show season is just around the corner! If you’re a regular at classic car shows, or even if you’re a first timer, we’ve got some tips for preparing your ride for this year’s car show circuit!

Clean the engine and undercarriage

Spectators will want to have a look at the engine and undercarriage of your vehicle, so make sure you give them a thorough clean! Use a degreaser to get rid of dirt and grease that’s built up in the engine and get it back to that shiny new look that will get the spectators crowding your vehicle. Remember to cover the fenders and windshield to protect them from any overspray.

Wash the exterior

Start by washing the wheels and then discard this water! The buildup of dirt on the wheels will collect grit that can then cause scratches if this water is used on the paintwork. Start by rinsing the whole vehicle, and then using a fresh bucket of wash liquid and water, work from the top down. Rinse once thoroughly washed.

Dry the exterior

Dry your vehicle using a new microfiber towel – this will ensure there’s no hidden grit in the fibers of the towel.

Polish imperfections using a clay bar

It’s important to polish the imperfections thoroughly to help them diminish ahead of the show. Make sure you get into all the corners and curves of the body for an even finish.

Wax on, wax off

Move your car into the shade to prevent hazing. Work in small sections, ensuring that you carefully and methodically buff all the areas to an even shine.

Clean the interior

You might think people will be so overwhelmed by the exterior of the vehicle that they won’t be looking inside, but that would be wrong! Make sure you vacuum and dust all the surfaces and panels. Then, using a solution of mild soap, wipe down all hard surfaces such as the dashboard and steering wheel. Lastly, use a leather conditioner on any leather surfaces to get that just bought feeling back to your vehicle.

Clean the glass

The last thing you need to do it clean any glass using an auto-specific glass cleaner. This includes the inside and outside of all windows, windscreens, lights, and mirrors!

Getting your car ready for show season is an exciting activity, but you need to make sure you do it right! As well as maintain the vehicle for its aesthetic looks, it’s also important to ensure you have a full safety check done so there are no mishaps when you’re on your way to or from a show! At JD’s Auto Repair, we perform full safety checks on all vehicles, and our specialized knowledge of classic cars makes us the perfect place to bring your most prized possession for its annual checkup!