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Common Issues Faced During Classic Car Restoration

Restoring a classic car is fun and rewarding. However, it’s not an easy endeavor, especially if you’re trying to do a restoration yourself. Let’s look at some of the most common issues you may face in your classic car restoration so you can learn how to avoid them. 

Uncovering Rust or Rot

Sometimes, you go into a classic car restoration knowing that the vehicle has rust and rot. Other times, however, you don’t uncover these problems until you get into the restoration. If rust and rot are too severe (such as rotting wood frames in older collectibles), they can end a restoration before it begins. For this reason, it’s important to give a vehicle a thorough inspection before you purchase it and begin working. 


While convertibles are beloved vehicles, their restoration can be incredibly challenging. The fabric in the top’s fabric rots over time, so you have to ensure that you can get the right replacement for the top – before you plan the rest of your restoration. If you’re not able to get the correct replacement, that means either the expense of custom-made top reproduction or foregoing the top, which means the vehicle can’t be out in inclement weather.

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Managing Time

Restoring a classic car takes time. When you’re doing a DIY restoration, it can take months or even years from beginning to end. The work itself takes time, especially since you’re working with an older vehicle. Additionally, obtaining parts can take weeks or even months for rare models. Before you begin, it’s important to consider how much time you have to devote to work, where you will get parts from, and how long you’re willing to take to restore the vehicle. 

Staying in Budget

Does any project stay on budget? Even preparing a meal can involve additional expenses if you realize that you’re out of butter or cheese. However, where the last-minute expense of dinner may cost a few dollars, the last-minute expenses of a classic car restoration can cost hundreds of dollars or more. These additional costs can pop up whether it’s a DIY restoration or you’re hiring a professional. It’s important that when you budget for your restoration, you leave money aside for unexpected mishaps. 

Staying Safe on a DIY Project

Just as things can go wrong in the budget of your restoration, things can go wrong in the shop as well. If you’re doing any part of your restoration yourself, it’s vital that you ensure your safety. Take precautions to protect yourself from heavy debris, sharp edges, fumes, and chemicals. Additionally, always use proper equipment in your restoration, and if necessary, rent space to ensure that you have proper lifts and space.

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