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Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Restoration Shop

Transforming an old, run-down classic car into an astounding showpiece that compares to the day it rolled off the assembly line is nothing less than a work of art! However, having restoration work done to your beloved vintage motor is an emotional rollercoaster comparable to having a loved one go in for major surgery! Okay, we admit that comparison is a little over the top, but having your beautiful machine go in for major restoration work is certainly a nerve-racking and gut-wrenching experience, so it’s best to find a restoration shop that you can trust! But, how do you know which one is right for you? And how can you spot a quality restoration shop when you see one? Here at JD’s Auto Repair, we’ve come up with the questions you should be asking yourself to ensure you avoid being done over by some rogue con artists and guarantee you get the quality that you and your favorite machine deserve!

What would you like to have done?

Knowing what work you need to have done to your car is a vital starting point. Once you’ve determined this, you will know what kind of restoration shop you should visit in order to get the job done, and ensuring it’s done to a high standard! If it’s bodywork you need doing, you’ll want to visit a body repair shop, and if it’s engine tuning you need, you’ll need to visit a shop that specializes exactly that.

It’s also a good idea to think about whether you want your vehicle restored back to its original state, or whether you want it to be upgraded to include modern additions like a power steering or high-quality disk brakes! Different shops specialize in these types of restoration, so these are all questions you should be asking before you hand over your most cherished possession.

What have you heard on the grapevine?

Getting knowledge from other motor enthusiasts is the most reliable way to get quality recommendations. If you don’t know anyone who is likely to be able to give you this advice, visiting a classic car club for the lowdown on which shops are the best in your area is a must. Classic car enthusiasts won’t have any ulterior motives in recommending you to a specialist (or recommending which ones to avoid), and their love of classic cars is likely to mean they genuinely want what’s best for you!

What else is out there?

So, you’ve seen a high budget advertisement on TV and it’s really intrigued you, but what else is out there?! Lots of specialist shops don’t advertise on television because their market is so niche, but they may be exactly what you want and need! Check your local directory or online at a crowd-sourced review forum such as Yelp for possible specialist shops that could be a real unknown gem!

What is their situation?

Find out the financial situation of the shop you’re planning to visit BEFORE you decide to place your beloved vehicle in their care! A shop that goes into liquidation partway through doing major restoration work on your vehicle could be disastrous, leaving you with a half-finished job and a huge bill to foot, as well as the added stress of needing to find another specialist who is willing to take on the project of finishing the job someone else has started!

What is your heart telling you?

The truth is that no matter how much digging and collecting of information you do, there is always a slight risk when you hand over your most prized possession to strangers. All you can really do is take the steps to reduce that risk. If you find yourself in a situation where you simply have a bad feeling or your gut instinct is that this shop is not for you, listen to it! There are plenty of restoration shops out there, but only one of your unique classic car! Simply put – don’t risk it if you have a bad feeling about it!