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what's the difference between a restoration and a restomod

Classic Cars – Restoration vs Resto-mod

Classic cars are big business and they’re becoming more and more fashionable as time goes on. There’s a massive variety of classic cars, from muscle cars to old school campervans and even antique and vintage cars! But, there is as much variation going on underneath the hood as above, and appreciating this is important if you want to understand what’s going on inside that engine and what is best for you. Here at JD’s Auto Repair, we’ve got a quick rundown of the differences between a restored and a resto-modded car so you can make an informed decision on which vehicle is right for you!

Restored Cars

Restored cars are those that have been restored to their original factory specifications using only original factory parts. These parts are often called new old stock and they can often be difficult and expensive to locate, let alone fit. The real appeal of restoring a car is to get that nostalgic feeling of what it was like to drive it straight off the assembly line from 40, 50, or even 60 years ago! For true classic car purists, the only thing that beats this is a true, unused original, which is like finding the holy grail of the car world!

Resto-modded vehicles

Resto-modding is a type of restoration, but one that typically involves the incorporation of modern parts, technology, and safety features. The body of the vehicle will look exactly the same, having that aesthetic appeal that we all crave from a classic car, but with more streamlined and effective handling, engine performance and braking. Enhancing your vehicle with resto-modding means you can really enhance the overall performance or your vehicle and therefore heighten the experience of taking it for a spin! A resto-modded vehicle is perfect if you want that classic car look with modern car handling. They are also much less work to maintain internally as all of the parts can be easily upgraded, interchanged, and are made to last.

The verdict

Of course, when it comes to restoration vs. resto-mod, it’s completely down to preference. If you like the idea of having a car that is exactly as it was the day it came off the assembly line – a little piece of history distilled in an engine, than a restored vehicle will be exactly what you want. But, be aware that you may find it difficult to get spare parts and the handling and performance may be way below what you’re used to. Resto-mods however offer a much more comfortable ride and are likely to perform better than restored cars. You may however find that the authentic feel of a classic car is lost with all that modern machinery and technology, making the ride feel, well…a little dull.


At JD’s Auto Repair, we understand that people need the best of both worlds which is why we offer services for both restoring and resto-modding classic cars. Whether you want that feeling of driving in an original vehicle from the time it came off the assembly line or an easy drive in a car with an old fashioned body, we will have you covered!