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 Custom Restoration Work in Huntingdon Valley

Restoring a classic car is a rewarding experience. You get to bring a piece of motor vehicle history to the modern world. It’s akin to restoring a museum art piece – in some cases, that’s literally what you’re doing! Did you know that custom restoration isn’t just for classic cars? Restoring a used car, one that you already own, or one you’re considering purchasing, is an affordable alternative to buying a new car for you or a family member. Custom Restoration Work in Huntingdon Valley – Let’s look at what you should consider when you want to bring new life to your car.

Custom Restoration Work in Huntingdon Valley-Determine the Scope of Work the Used Car Needs

Some used cars may need only a little work to make them road-worthy again. It might need a new starter, hoses, and a fresh coat of paint. Other cars may need more significant engine or bodywork. It’s also important to determine what will be needed for repairs.

Ensure You Can Get the Parts for Your Used Car

Unfortunately, classic cars aren’t the only vehicles that can present parts challenges. Depending on the make and year of a used car, obtaining parts can be a challenge, and recalls and design changes can affect the availability of parts for used cars. Before you commit to restoring a used car, make sure that the parts you’ll need are obtainable and affordable. 

Consider the Upgrades You Want for Your Custom Work

Just as a classic car may need some upgrades to turn it into a daily driver, older used cars may need upgrades to make them an affordable option. For example, you may want to change an older car’s drum brakes to disk brakes. You may want to make engine adjustments to improve performance. If the used car doesn’t have AC (for some cars in the 80s and 90s, AC was an accessory), that will be a MUST in most areas for a good portion of the year. You may want to upgrade the dash and seats to look more stylish. Upgrading the sound system is a good idea, as you may want to have your car synced with your smartphone. 

Are You Looking for Custom Restoration Work in Huntingdon Valley, PA?

If you need body repairs following a collision, want to restore a used or classic car, or want a new paint job for your vehicle, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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