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High-Performance Carburetor Tuning in Huntingdon Valley, PA

At JD Auto Restoration Center, we want your car to perform at its best. We offer a variety of services, including our amazing custom dyno tuning and restoration services that will help get turn your dream into a daily driver. One of the most important parts of your car, and one we pay careful attention to, is your carburetor. Let’s look at how our High-Performance Carburetor Tuning in Huntingdon Valley can help you get more from your vehicle.

What Does Your Carburetor Do Exactly?

While fuel is needed to make your engine turn, it only takes a small amount to do so, usually about 10 milligrams per combustion stroke. If you’ve ever had the joy of flooding your engine on a very cold morning, then you know what happens when the engine gets too much gas: it can’t spark and go. 

The carburetor (or carb for short) helps ensure your engine gets just enough fuel each time you press the gas pedal. It ensures you have enough air with the fuel going into the engine to keep it running smoothly. Too little air and the engine “runs lean,” leading to engine damage. Too much, and it “runs rich,” which can result, as we’ve already discussed, in your engine stalling or not starting at all or burning off the excess fuel as smoke. 

Newer vehicles use a fuel injection system to regulate the amount of fuel, but older vehicles still use carburetors, and keeping it healthy and tuned is vital to the life of your car. 

High-Performance Carburetor Tuning and Restoration

Whether you have a classic daily driver or just an older model car you like to keep on the road (or perhaps rebuilt for your teenager), you want to ensure the carburetor is in top condition. We carefully inspect the carb to look for metal fatigue, worn-out threads, hairline cracks, or other damage and wear that will affect the carb’s performance. 

Our technicians have over 30 years of experience working with carbs in any condition. We will repair and restore damage to your carb and test the assembly to ensure everything is ready for tuning. Once your carb is repaired and restored, we begin the tuning process, carefully measuring air/fuel volumes to ensure your engine gets the right amount of fuel for its performance needs. 

Carburetor Tuning for Classic Cars

Just because your classic car isn’t a daily driver doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a tuning. Whether in a show or your collection, you want your classic car in top condition, inside and out. Because our experienced technicians work with all years, makes, and models, we can inspect your vehicle’s carburetor and make sure your classic starts perfectly each time you want to show what she can do. 

Are You Looking for a High-Performance Carburetor Tuning in Huntingdon Valley, PA?

If you need carburetor turning, body repairs following a collision, want to restore a used or classic car or want a new paint job for your vehicle, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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