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Dodge Challenger vs. Chevy Camaro

Dodge Challenger vs. Chevy Camaro

And the numbers are in! – According to, the sixth-generation Chevy Camaro has been outsold in the first quarter of 2019 by the Dodge Challenger by 13,431 to 12,083 units. These numbers are pretty damning for Chevy who thought the latest generation of the Camaro would perform admirably, especially when the current Challenger hasn’t really changed much in the past few years – maybe Dodge have hit on a magic formula, or maybe Chevy just aren’t quite cutting it these days! Here’s an insight into what Dodge have been doing so well with the Challenger, and why Chevy have seen a bit of a slump with the Camaro!

Dodge’s marketing strategies are paying off

2019 isn’t the only year that Dodge has seen increased sales, they’ve been doing well now for the past few years. This can largely be attributed to their daring marketing campaign that now seems to be paying off. By adding “buzz” models to their line, including the Demon, the Hellcat, and the Stars and Stripes models, Dodge have won the hearts and minds of muscle car lovers all over the country. Doing this has shown the company to be dynamic, forward-thinking, and to even have a bit of a sense of humor! Well, it seems they’re now seeing the results of this tactic, and I hope the genius who thought of this one gets themselves a raise!

Should we be surprised that the Camaro is performing so poorly?

Well honestly, yes! The 2019 model gives you plenty of bang for your buck, with the 2LT trim option coming with leather interior, power and heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, an 8-inch touch screen display, Apple CarPlay, keyless entry, and push-button start – all for under $30,000! But maybe all the fancy additions are what’s causing the problem. Many muscle car fans are likely to feel that the slightly over-the-top additions make the car feel more like a luxury sedan as opposed to a red-blooded American muscle car. In fact, there’s been a tendency for both Chevy and Ford to move the Camaro’s and Mustang’s aesthetics towards a sportier look, and this could be a huge factor as to why both these models have seen sales dropping in recent years. Dodge, on the other hand, have actually retained more of a traditional muscle car look, possibly accounting for their recent success in the muscle car market!

What’s going to happen next?

The Camaro vs. Challenger sales war is as old as the two models themselves, and this latest twist in the tale shows that it’s still well and truly waging! It’ll be interesting to see how Chevy reacts to their recent drop in sales, whether they’ll revert to a more traditional muscle car model for the 7th generation Camaro, or stick to their guns, trusting that their sportier looking modern models will be adopted by the American public. For Dodge, their strategy seems to have worked well. They’ve stuck to what they know people like – muscle cars that look cool and drive fast. They’ve shown that they have a good sense of humor and that the ostentatious, bombastic designs that made American muscle cars of the golden age so special still has a place in the 21st Century!