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Engine Swaps, Repairs, and Rebuilds for Classic Cars

The engine is the beating heart of every car. Classic cars that have their original engines may not have been adjusted since they rolled off the assembly line—which could have been 50 to 60 years ago! At some point, you’ll likely need to do some kind of maintenance to ensure your classic car’s engine is kept in good shape. Here at JD’s Auto Repair, we want to give you some information on important maintenance that you should consider to keep your classic car’s engine running smoothly for years to come.

Keeping your classic car’s engine in good shape

Classic car engines need more care than new car engines because they were built in a time before all the modern conveniences that keep modern engines healthy such as sufficient cooling systems and fuel injection. One of the most common causes of engine failure in classic cars is overheating—a problem that rarely affects modern cars. To keep your engine healthy, you should make sure to change any broken spark plugs, regularly check and refill the water tank and coolant tank, replace air filters, and ensure that the oil is changed no more than every 3000 miles. Starting and running the car at least once a week is a good way to ensure the engine doesn’t develop problems while in storage.

Swapping the engine in your classic car

If an engine isn’t maintained properly, it may be damaged beyond repair. This will usually require an engine swap—swapping out the old engine for a new, more modern version. This can be a blow for purist classic car enthusiasts who want the exact driving experience that an original engine provides—all the more reason to keep your engine well maintained from the beginning. But, for collectors and enthusiasts who aren’t too bothered about this, a new engine can actually significantly improve the overall performance of the car.

Rebuilding your classic car’s engine

If you need to replace your vehicle’s engine and want to maintain the original driving experience, you could opt for an engine rebuild. This job needs to be undertaken by expert professionals. They will start by disassembling your engine, then having new parts made to the exact specifications required to rebuild the engine. While some parts may be available on the market for common classic cars (think original Mustangs or Challengers), the engine parts for more obscure classic cars may need to be built from scratch in specialized workshops.

Here at JD’s Auto Repair, our expert staff frequently perform these types of engine maintenance and repairs for classic car owners. If you want your classic car’s engine to stand the test of time, you should ensure you maintain the engine by following the advice in the first section of this blog. If you think your engine is beyond repair, bring it down to JD’s Auto Repair so we can give you a professional evaluation. You may require an engine swap or rebuild, which is a job that needs to be handled by professionals. No matter your requirements, make sure you get professional help to ensure your classic car’s engine lasts for years to come!