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The Advantages of Classic Car Body Work

Most cars will be in some kind of accident during their lifetime—we hope that it’s not a serious one. For classic cars that may have been around since as far back as the 1950s, it’s more likely that they will have had at least one or two collisions. While most damage to a car’s body is minor, there can be fundamental structural damage, so it’s always good to have any damage checked by a professional even if it seems minor. However, even if you have managed to avoid bumps and scrapes, there are still plenty of major benefits to having work done to your car’s body every so often. Here at JD’s Auto Repair, we’re going to break down the main advantages of keeping your car’s body in great shape.

Keeping it beautiful

People fall in love with classic cars because of how they look more than any other reason, so why not nurture that beauty by giving your car a cosmetic boost? Cars that have regular bodywork done will look better on the road, drawing more glances from onlookers and envy from other car enthusiasts.

Keeping the car safe

While classic cars look amazing, they were mostly built and designed in a time before modern safety standards and high-grade materials. This means that even small dents and twists can have a huge effect on the safety of the vehicle. Don’t risk your or anybody else’s safety—get it checked out straight away. Professionals can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs, reinforcing any potential weak points so you can drive away feeling safe and secure.

General upkeep

Another safety concern for old cars is the accumulation of rust. A poorly intact body will allow water to seep through gaps, slowly gnawing at the insides of the vehicle and potentially causing irreparable damage. Regular bodywork and proper upkeep will ensure your vehicle stays rust-free on both the inside and out, so you can be assured there’s no hidden damage that leads to nasty surprises in the future.

Getting a proper paint job

Paint protects the car’s body as well as making it look great. It’s important that you have your vehicle repainted if the old paint is looking damaged or worn. Here’s how we prepare the vehicle to be painted:

  • We start by taking the vehicle apart and inspecting all the components to ensure there’s no damage.
  • We then carefully take off the old paint and old bodywork using our blaster. This specialized equipment prevents any damage to the vehicle’s bodywork.
  • Finally, we etch prime the vehicle. This protects the bare steel before it is primed and finished.

If you have been in an accident and haven’t seen a specialist or just think your vehicle could do with some bodywork for general upkeep and maintenance, contact us at JD’s Auto Repair. Our experts have performed hundreds of paint jobs, panel replacements, and other bodywork jobs for a whole host of classic cars, so you can be assured that your vehicle is in safe hands! Don’t risk any potential damage happening to your pride and joy—bring it down to JD’s Auto Repair now.