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How to Choose the Best Collision Service in Huntingdon Valley, PA

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to find the best collision service to help you get your vehicle back on the road. You want to ensure you find experts who will do the job right. Let’s look at how you can find the best collision service in Huntingdon Valley, PA. 

First, let’s look at the best places to get recommendations for collision services. 

Ask Friends and Family

Do you know anyone who has had to have collision work on their vehicle? Chances are good between your friends, family, and coworkers; you know someone who has been in an accident. Find out where they went for collision service and how they felt about the price, repairs, and overall experience. 

Read Reviews

As you look at collision services in your area, read the reviews. Your friends and family are just the beginning. You want to make sure that the places they recommend are consistent in how they provide service. Maybe your Uncle Joe had a good experience, but that might not hold true for everyone else who used the same body shop. 

Talk to Your Mechanic

You likely have someone who knows vehicles and services in your area at your fingertips – the person who handles your regular maintenance. Ask them who they recommend for body repair work. They have an incentive to give you a good referral – they want to keep your business. 

Once you get some recommendations, it’s time to sift through your choices. These next steps will help you choose the right service for your car and budget. 

Collision Service in Huntingdon Valley – Ask Questions

When you call or go into the shop, have key questions ready to help you decide if they’re the shop for you. Some questions you want to ask include, 

  • Do you provide written estimates? What is the estimate process?
  • Do you offer warranties? If so, for how long? 
  • Do you work directly with my insurance company? 
  • If I must leave my vehicle overnight or for several days, what is your lot security like? 
  • What is the turnaround time for repairs in general?
  • What are your payment policy and payment options? 

Get Estimates

Before you decide on a service:

  1. Get estimates from each of your choices.
  2. Compare the estimates, including parts and labor costs.
  3. If something seems to be missing from an estimate that someone else has included, inquire about what was added and what is missing.

Trust Your Gut

As you look at your choices, don’t just look at the bottom line (cost). Go with your gut. Maybe one service is cheaper, but something made you feel uncomfortable. Maybe one service is slightly pricier but in the budget, but they listened to you or were ready to answer your questions. If you don’t feel right about a shop, there is a reason. A reasonable estimate from a shop you feel unsure about can easily become a bad experience. 

Are You Looking for Collision Service in Huntingdon Valley, PA?

If you need body repairs following a collision, want to restore a classic or muscle car, or want a new paint job for your vehicle, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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