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How To Choose the Right Car Restoration Shop

A classic car restoration makes for a satisfying do-it-yourself job. However, not everyone has all of the skills needed to complete a restoration on their own. Choosing the right car restoration shop is important. So, how do go about selecting the right shop? 

Talk to Other Collectors

Find other collectors and ask them for recommendations. Car shows are a great way to meet other collectors and they are more than happy to talk to you about the restoration. On top of learning what you’ll be in for – work and satisfaction – when you undertake a restoration, you can learn what shops they trust with work and learn where you can get parts you’ll need for your restoration. 

Talk to the Shop

Not every restoration is made equal. Depending on the make, model, and year, a shop may or may not be equipped to handle the restoration. Perhaps they come highly recommended, but you’re looking at a foreign car they have little or no experience restoring. Maybe your restoration is a domestic car they are unsure they can’t get parts for. Make sure that you’re comfortable working with them, especially if you’ll be doing some of the restorations yourself. 

What Kind of Experience Does the Car Restoration Shop Have? 

Look and see what kinds of restorations the shop has done before. If they have an online gallery that you can explore, all the better. Check their restoration services and see if they regularly work with your kind of vehicle as well. 

How To Choose the Right Car Restoration Shop
Car Restoration Shop

Do They Offer the Services You Need?

Whether you are handling some of the restorations yourself or need someone to take on the full restoration, make sure the services they offer are what you need. At JD Auto Restoration, our services include, 

  • Complete or Partial Restoration
  • Mechanical, paint, and bodywork
  • Show quality paintwork
  • Engine painting and detailing
  • Engine compartment and undercarriage detailing
  • Bead blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Frame-up restoration
  • Electrical restoration
  • Photographic records

What Is the Cost and What Are Your Options?

Classic car restoration is an expensive undertaking. Whether you are taking on part of the restoration or turning it all over to professionals, you want to know going in that you can afford the whole job. Talk to the shop about their cost and what kinds of payment options are available. 

The Right Team for Your Class Car Restoration

Whether you are restoring a collector car or a daily driver, you want your vehicle to be in top shape once you’re through. Contact us to discuss your restoration needs or if you need regular maintenance for your classic car. 

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