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Why it’s Important to Keep Your Car Clean

We all have that neighbor who spends every Saturday dutifully cleaning their car, even if it’s not a particularly special model. Aside from making the rest of us look bad, what else do they really gain from cleaning their car every week of the year? You may be surprised to find out that there is a multitude of major benefits that come with cleaning your car regularly, so we thought we’d highlight them for you, just in case it changes your mind on the matter!

Don’t get caught in an embarrassing situation

If you are having to brush the Pop-Tart crumbs of the seats of your car before passengers climb over the mountain of jackets to take their seat, you may find it’s a little embarrassing. Most of us don’t get embarrassed too easily, but if you find that you avoid letting people in your car because you’re embarrassed by the state it’s in, you should probably give it a deep clean!

Your car can lose value

Prospective buyers like their cars to look as close to the factory model as possible, so coffee stains on the inside and splattered mud on the outside are likely to ruin this image for them. What’s more, as dirt and grime get increasingly trodden into the floor of the vehicle, it will be harder to clean, so regular cleaning is essential to keep your car looking fresh.

Bacteria loves a dirty car

Aside from the aesthetic and social reasons for keeping your car clean, there are certainly very practical reasons. Cars act like Petri dishes for bacteria—especially in the hot summer months when the sun turns your car into a greenhouse for all sorts of nasty germs. Don’t risk you or your children getting sick—clean your car!

Clutter is dangerous

Clutter in the car—whether it’s soda cans, children’s toys, or takeout boxes—can be seriously hazardous. Just imagine you are driving down the interstate when a car pulls up in front of you and you only have a split second to react, but a soda can has unknowingly rolled under your brake pedal! The outcome doesn’t bear thinking about. This is a good reason to regularly ensure your vehicle is free of clutter.

Clean cars are cheaper to run

Believe it or not, but cars that are cleaned on a regular basis are actually cheaper to run in the long run. Dirty cars pick up all sorts of things on the road like dirt, grease, oil, and dust, that if not cleaned off regularly, this dirt can find its way into the engine and cause problems. Clean cars don’t have these problems, so it’s another great reason to clean your car regularly.

Cars that are dirty on both the inside and out can cause a multitude of problems. If you want to keep face with your friends, have a car with a higher sell-on value, and keep safe from accidents and illness, then it’s a good idea to regularly clean your car on the inside. You should also make sure you clean the outside of your vehicle to keep it looking good and save a little bit of money in the process! If you need any more information on how to keep your vehicle in great condition, don’t hesitate to call us here at JD’s Auto Repair on (215)-938-9270.