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Knowing When to Change Your Oil

Car engines are full of moving parts, so it’s only natural that over time, these moving parts wear each other down. Engine oil greatly reduces wear to your engine on the inside by lubricating all the moving parts, meaning your vehicle runs more smoothly, more efficiently, and lasts much longer. However, many car owners may be inadvertently damaging their vehicle’s engine by not changing the oil when required. Here at JD’s Auto Repair, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about changing the engine oil in your vehicle.

How far have you driven?

The first question you should ask is how far have I driven? Your car’s mileage is a good indicator of when to change the oil. The farther you go, the more likely it is that the oil will need to be changed. To complicate matters further, there are several other factors that can dramatically change the point at which you should change the engine oil, but the average motorist driving in average conditions should probably change it about every 5000 miles. Taking into consideration the following factors, however, will help determine the point at which the oil should be changed for you specifically.

Local climate

Climate has a huge effect on how your vehicle’s engine performs. People who live in extremely hot or cold regions, or places where the temperature changes dramatically, are likely to need to change their oil more frequently – even as often as every 3000 miles! This is because the viscosity of oil can change dramatically due to variations in temperature, causing it to clump up with dirt or dust in cold weather, or to run out of the engine more quickly in hot weather.


The amount that you carry can also affect the frequency with which you need to change the engine oil in your vehicle. If you regularly carry a trailer, often fill the trunk with heavy goods, or live in a particularly hilly place, you may need to change the oil more often as harder working engines use oil at a faster rate.

Engine Model

Different engine models, types, and sizes use oil at different rates, and this can vary greatly. It is, therefore, a good idea to read the manufacturer’s guidelines when buying a new vehicle so you know exactly how often they recommend changing the oil for peak performance. Different vehicle types can also use oil at a faster rate, so if you’re expecting your pickup to go through oil at the same rate as your city car, you had better think again!

If you think your vehicle needs an oil change or are worried that you haven’t changed it enough and may have damaged your engine, head down to JD’s Auto Repair to have your engine checked and the oil changed by qualified experts. At JD’s Auto Repair, we have years of experience in helping the people of Huntingdon Valley, PA, and surrounding areas keep their vehicles in good working condition come rain or shine, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands!